The ADM 5-String Banjo Review: Budget Option!

If you are a novice in the world of music and desire to play the iconic instrument Banjo. What better than to start up with a banjo in your hand. Remember, you will be learning the instrument, so better start with entry-level gear.

If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry! We have a perfect instrument lined up for your learning endeavor. This ADM 5-String Banjo Review will get you in rhythm like no other.

Before accessing the particular gear for you, let’s talk about why we opted for the brand ADM. All Days Music Inc. is a musical instrument manufacturing company that produces high-quality gear for an affordable price. Their motto is to serve the newcomers with quality instruments so that new learners get to feel the beauty of music.

adm 5 string banjo review

Overview: ADM 5-String Banjo

Let’s jump back to the ADM 5-String Banjo. Now that you have already observed the word affordable, you’ve guessed it right. This ADM 5-String Banjo is a reasonable instrument to startup with. It is an entry-level or you can tag it as a beginner instrument.

Mind you, don’t trip on the word beginner because if you desire good sound within a reasonable price range, the ADM 5string Banjo has to be your go-to instrument.
It is full size 24 brackets Banjo crafted with perfection. It has five strings and comes with a geared 5th tuner providing the perfect banjo harmony to your ears. It has a mahogany resonator; worthy of mentioning that it is completely adjustable.

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An adjustable resonator will give importance to your musical preference; furthermore, fitted with an adjustable tailpiece and a bridge that is made of quality maple. The chrome-plated arm rest of this banjo gives better controllability. The neck of this particular banjo is crafted with 7ply maple.

Are you picky with your fingerboard choice? You can’t nitpick when you are getting so many good options on a budget. The fretboard essentially is made of maple just like the resonator and the rim of the banjo. The supplementary parts are made of rosewood. The plus point of rosewood is that it is sturdy and has a fine finish to it.

budget banjo
adm 5 string banjo review


  • Type: Five-string banjo
  • Size: Large
  • Fingerboard: Mahogany
  • Dimensions: 41 x 18 x 5 inches
  • Weight: 8 pounds
  • Material: Wood, Metal
  • String twist: Pearl White
  • Color: White and wooden brown

Advantages of ADM 5-String Banjo

There are numerous advantages of this particular banjo, let me show you why it is called for.

  • You can start using it right out of the box. No complications with the packaging, or adjusting the banjo itself. So just unbox the gear and start practicing right away.
  • Has 24 brackets therefore it gives you better control.
  • The tuning system is uncomplicated and precise when it comes to maintaining the tune.
  • This instrument is well built. Quality materials used such as rosewood, mahogany, maple, and chromium throughout the banjo make it robust in terms of durability. Adding to it comes the beautiful finish of the banjo.
  • The shell and resonator of the banjo are removable, thus you will be able to bring out the diversities from it.
  • Strings are easy to play due to suitable action. You don’t have to forcefully press the strings on the fingerboard.
  • Sounds exceptional compared to other budget banjos. With the kind of diversity, the ADM 5-String banjo has, you will be able to try out different genres of music without any hassle.
  • This is an affordable instrument. Yes, if you are a newbie, just relax because the ADM5 boasts all the goods within a fitting price tag.
  • You can use this banjo for different types of technique, doesn’t matter if you want to pluck the instrument or use pick, it is designed to put on a show for you.
  • All ADM instruments are thoroughly checked before being exhibited, this assures you a high-quality product, therefore the standard for the ADM 5 Banjo remains on the top drawer.

There are few cons we can talk about like

  • This banjo is less suitable for people with larger fingers
  • The resonator is not that loud if compared to other banjos, but it is loud enough for a beginner player and small gig setup.
  • Lefty musicians will have to stay at bay because this banjo doesn’t offer a left-handed option.

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What’s in the box?

You will be flooded with all the perks in the world from the get-go. The overall package comes with the banjo itself, a gig bag along with tuner, picks, string, and a strap.

Why Purchase the ADM 5-String Banjo?

If you want everything in one bag, this is the banjo to go for. Not only it comprises all the essential elements of a good banjo, but it will also save you a lot of money.

As it is designed for entry-level musicians, students around the world find it easy on their hands; this banjo for beginners provides a top-notch performance at a lower price. The advice would be to not go for high-end Banjos because you will be learning a new instrument, so figure it out with something reliable, something that is easy on the money but generates top-grade quality in terms of overall playability and tone.

With this beautiful Banjo (ADM5), you can have it all. You can always upgrade your instrument after you master the art of playing it. Last but not the least, the assurance is that All Days Music (ADM) has not compromised their quality, so without a shadow of a doubt, you can pick up an ADM 5-string Banjo. You won’t regret it.

Final verdict

From our ADM 5-String Banjo Review, it is revealed now. If you are to start learning banjo music. Even if you are a professional, looking for a cheap banjo, you can go for an ADM 5. Compared to many other instruments that range within a similar price tag, All Days Music is providing you an affordable, top-quality instrument. Tonal-wise, the sound that comes from the banjo is super bright and sweet.

Moreover, you will be satisfied with the design, durability, and abundance of features it has. So, why wait further? Buy your ear a treat; bask in the glory of the ADM 5 Banjo.

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