7 Best Banjo Case for Flight in 2022 [Buying Guide]

A big problem with playing a stringed instrument is how to store the instrument properly and safely if you carry it around often. A banjo case is one of the essential components of a musician’s kit, so it makes sense that you need to have a good quality one.

After all, this is the only place where your precious instrument will be safe and sound.

If you don’t travel too much with your Banjo then a regular case with proper padding would be perfect for you. You won’t need any additional features for that. A simple case in a budget price range will be perfect. But if you are a regular flyer, often travel by airplane with your Banjo, then you will need a Banjo case that will protect your valuable instrument from any harm.

There are lots of complaints about Banjos being damaged during travel. So, to help you pick a suitable Banjo case, I have selected 7 of the best banjo case for flight you can choose from.

List of Best Banjo Case for Flight

  1. Trailpak II Openback Banjo Gig Bag
  2. Gator Cases Journeyman Series Deluxe Wood Case for Banjos
  3. Protec Banjo Gig Bag-Gold Series
  4. Superior CD-1536 Deluxe Hardshell 12 Inch Openback Banjo Case
  5. Kala HCBK-BNJ-C, Banjo Hard Case in Black
  6. Golden Gate C-1536 Premier Hardshell 4 or 5-String 12 Inch Openback Banjo Case
  7. Superior C-269 Trailpak II 5-String Resonator Banjo Gig Bag
best banjo case for flight

Comparison Table for Best Banjo Flight Case

Superior C-267 Trailpak II Openback Banjo Gig Bag1.5 lbs39 X 14 X 1.5 inchesNylon
Gator Cases Journeyman Series Deluxe Wood Case for Banjos9.7 lbs44 X 24 X 8 inchesWood
Protec Banjo Gig Bag-Gold Series2.88 lbs5 X 6 X 40.5 inchesFabric
Superior CD-1536 Deluxe Hardshell 12 Inch Openback Banjo Case8.2 lbs40.5 X 16 X 5 inchesBlack Tolex
Kala HCBK-BNJ-C, Banjo Hard Case in Black4.85 lbs30 X 14.4 X 4.3 inchesChrome hardware
Golden Gate C-1536 Premier Hardshell 12 Inch Openback Banjo Case7.65 lbs40.5 X 6 X 16 inches5-ply wood
Superior C-269 Trailpak II 5-String Resonator Banjo Gig Bag1.8 lbs40 X 16 X 1.5 inchesNylon

Things You Need To Know Before Buying

There are some factors you’ll need to keep in mind before choosing to buy the best Banjo case for flight. Depending on how you will use the case, you have to choose it for carrying your precious Banjo.

  1. Professional Use or Casual

If you are a casual banjo player, then any kind of casual or cheaper case will be perfect for you. But if you are a professional player and have to travel a lot with your banjo then you will need a sturdy and good quality case.

  1. Structure of Your Banjo

Knowing the structure of your banjo will help you to buy the perfect banjo case that will fit your banjo perfectly and will protect the instrument. You will find banjo cases that are designed to give proper protection to the instrument. All you need to know is the dimensions of your banjo to find the perfect case that fits.

  1. Interior Structure

Not all banjo cases are well structured. That’s why knowing the structure of the interior of the banjo case is important. You don’t wanna end up with a low-quality case with the absence of padding. Padding is very important for a banjo case. It would be a big rookie mistake to not notice this in the first place.

Best Banjo Case
  1. Price Range

Based on your budget you can change or let go of some features when buying a case for your instrument. You can make the necessary upgrades later too when needed. Never buy the case from an unverified seller. Even if they make amazing offers.

  1. Portability

You need to look for the portability option before buying a banjo flight case. You should be able to easily carry a banjo case. See if there is a shoulder strap on the banjo case for you to carry it like a backpack. Also, you should be able to put it away easily with other baggage.

  1. Warranty

Always try to buy a banjo flight case with a warranty. Don’t forget to check the terms of the warranty before buying the banjo case.

  1. Brand

It’s always safe to rely on brands. In most cases, renowned brands provide products of good quality which will make you satisfied. Banjo cases are not any exception. Try to browse through banjo cases from different brands to narrow down what you need.

Best Banjo Case for Flight

It’s always wise to carry your precious banjo in a sturdy banjo case while you are on a trip.

Especially when you are traveling in the air you should pay attention to this even more.

We have already reviewed many of them and selected 7 of the best banjo case for flight.

At the end of this article, we also recommended one banjo case that we think should be the best for you when you are traveling.

1.Superior C-267 Trailpak II Openback Banjo Gig Bag


  1. High-Quality Nylon
  2. 12mm Padding
  3. Exterior Pockets
  4. Portability

High-Quality Nylon

One of the best features of this case is that it is made of high-quality nylon. Because of that, it can withstand years of rough usage. For getting long-time service from a high-quality case, this can be a great option for you to buy.

12mm Padding

Along with its superior build, the case is structured with 12mm padding. Which is extremely important to keep the instrument safe.

Exterior Pockets

This case is also equipped with multi-stacked exterior pockets to hold the essential accessories.


Portability is another strong feature of this banjo case. Carrying it like a backpack or putting the case away is pretty easy with its portable structure.


Item Weight: 1.5 pounds

Dimensions: 39 X 14 X 1.5 inches

Model N0: C-267

String Material: Nylon


1. The interior is suitable to keep the banjo safe from any kind of harm.

2. Lining made with thick flannel will prevent scratches.

3. Soft padded adjustable nylon handles as shoulder strap is an option for carrying the case.

4. Long time protection from wear and tear.


1. Can be tough to fit a 5 string banjo in this case.

2. Maybe a little bulky for some people.

2.Gator Cases Journeyman Series Deluxe Wood Case for Banjos


  1. Wood Craftsmanship
  2. Fiberglass Equivalent Protection
  3. Gorgeous Interior
  4. Big Compartment

Wood Craftsmanship

If you are a fan of some good wood craftsmanship, Gator Journeyman would be a nice option to buy. It’s a good enough alternative to fiberglass cases. 

Fiberglass Equivalent Protection

It offers the same types of protection for your banjo as a fiberglass case would. It’ll protect your banjo from scratch, drops, and any other kinds of accidental harm.

Gorgeous Interior

Not only this case is stylish looking on the outside, but the interior of the case is also pretty gorgeous too. The soft velvet touch with the blue color looks amazing. 

Big Compartment

The case also offers a big enough compartment to carry all the necessary accessories too.


Item Weight: 9.7 pounds

Dimensions: 44 X 24 X 8 inches

Material Type: Wood



1. Stylish vintage-looking case with polished craftsmanship.

2. Good alternative to fiberglass cases.

3. Interior space can hold lots of accessories with the ample space it has.


1. This case is heavier than other cases.

2. Lack of Portability can be a problem for many people.

3.Protec Banjo Gig Bag-Gold Series


  1. Nylon-made Padded Structure
  2. Adjustable Interior
  3. Portable
  4. Exterior Pockets

Nylon-made Padded Structure

Protec Gig bag-Gold is one of the most popular banjo cases available in the market. Due to its thick padding and nylon-made structure, it is one of the most reliable banjo cases out there. 20mm padding and nylon on the outside are highly resistant and will protect your instrument from any kind of harm.

Adjustable Interior

The adjustable interior option makes it easier to fit all sizes of a banjo. This is a big plus if you have different sizes of banjo in your collection.


The case is easily portable thanks to its padded handle. There is also a rear carry handly option for a quick grab. You can carry it in your bag like a backpack.

Exterior Pockets

It also has three exterior pockets with good enough room to carry accessories. Also have two interior sleeves to hold pens, keys, etc.


Item Weight: 2.88 pounds

Dimensions: 5 X 6 X 40.5 inches

Model NO: CF204

Material Type: Fabric


1. 20mm thick padding will keep your banjo safe.

2. Adjustable interior option for banjos of different sizes.

3. Several pockets with big space to keep accessories.

4. Portability option is good.


1. Slightly higher on the price range.

4.Superior CD-1536 Deluxe Hardshell 12 Inch Openback Banjo Case


  1. Black Tolex and Golden Latches
  2. Heavy-duty 5-ply Wood Core
  3. Green Crushed Velvet Lining
  4. Thick Foam Padding

Black Tolex and Golden Latches

If your budget range is slightly higher than the average, you will most probably like to get this case. The exterior of this case is covered with quality black Tolex and also golden latches on top. This makes the case looks sophisticated.

Heavy-duty 5-ply Wood Core

Also, its heavy-duty 5-ply wood core structure provides the strength and protection needed for your banjo.

Green Crushed Velvet Lining

This is an extremely suitable case for you to buy if you prefer both looks and quality. The interior is lined in green crushed velvet which gives it a sophisticated look. 

Thick Foam Padding

The thick layered foam padding is perfect to protect your banjo from any accidental harm too.


Item Weight: 8.2 pounds

Dimensions: 40.5 X 16 X 5 inches

Model No: CD-1536


1. Sophisticated and stylish-looking case.

2. Thick layered padding provides maximum protection.

3. 5-ply wood core provides strength and protection needed.

4. Dimensions are pretty accurate.


1. Not budget-friendly.

2. Maybe a little too big for some banjo.

5.Kala HCBK-BNJ-C, Banjo Hard Case in Black


  1. Heavy Duty
  2. Versatility
  3. Protective Interior
  4. Professional Look

Heavy Duty

Kala HCBK-BNJ-C hard case is a traditional hard case. For people who are fond of the color black and prefer a full black case, this heavy-duty case would be a great option to buy.


Versatility is one of the strong points of this case. You can fit your banjo ukelele of any size in this excellent banjo case.

Protective Interior

The velour interior is plush black and perfectly padded to protect your instrument from scratch or harm. The exterior is also tear and scratch-resistant. Also contains an accessory compartment. 

Professional Look

Overall, this case is an excellent option for banjo lovers. Especially for professional musicians, this banjo case is highly recommended.


Item Weight: 4.85 pounds

Dimensions: 30 X 14.4 X 4.3 inches

Model No: HCBK-BNJ-C


  1. The full Black case features a professional look.
  2. Lightweight compared to other recommendations.
  3. Instrument of different sizes fits.


1. Does not provide great protection under pressure.

6.Golden Gate C-1536 Premier Hardshell 4 or 5-String 12 Inch Openback Banjo Case


  1. Fits Different Sizes
  2. High-Quality Black Tolex
  3. 5-Ply Wood Core
  4. Foam Padded Interior

Fits Different Sizes

Golden Gate has almost similar type features as one of our previous recommendations, Superior CD-1536 but more versatile in terms of the fitting instruments of different sizes, and a specific instrument like 12inch open back banjo.

High-Quality Black Tolex

The exterior is made of high-quality black Tolex with gold plated brass hardware and lockable latches on top. 

5-Ply Wood Core

Made of 5-ply wood core structure delivers maximum protection more than standard cases.

Foam Padded Interior

The interior looks amazing too. Dense foam padding will protect your banjo from scratches. Black plush lines make the interior look stylish and sophisticated.


Item Weight: 7.65 pounds

Dimensions: 40.5 X 6 X 16 inches

Model NO: C-1536


  1. Fits different sizes of banjo.
  2. Specially designed for 12inch open back banjo.
  3. Both exterior and interior look stylish.
  4. Dense foam padding to protect the instrument from scratches.
  5. Made of 5-play wood confirms strong protection than standard cases.


1. Can be a little too heavy to carry around for some people.

2. Price is slightly on the higher side.

7.Superior C-269 Trailpak II 5-String Resonator Banjo Gig Bag


  1. Lightweight
  2. Nylon Material
  3. Red Flannel Interior
  4. Different Options for Carrying


Superior C-269 is a gig bag that is convenient for musicians who don’t want to carry a heavy case around and travel too often. 

Nylon Material

This gig bag is made of nylon which makes it durable enough to withstand years of rough usages along with tear & wear. The exterior of this gig bag is made of 600-denier black ballistic nylon and with 12mm padding, you can certainly use it as luggage too.

Red Flannel Interior

The interior is made of soft red flannel that protects the instrument from accidental scratches.

Different Options for Carrying

Different carrying option based on your needs is pretty incredible too. Use Padded nylon handles to carry the bag or shoulder strap it to carry like a backpack for extra portability.


Item Weight: 1.8 pounds

Dimensions: 40 X 16 X 1.5 inches

Model NO: C-269

String Material: Nylon


1. One of the most lightweight gig bags available in the market.

2. Due to its build and structure, you can use it as luggage as well.

3. Two carrying option gives extra portability like a backpack.

4. Standard price range.

5. Durable, can withstand years of wear and tear.


1. Maybe a little more padding on the interior side would be perfect.

2. A little too soft to protect against pressure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Can You Bring A Banjo On A Plane?

Yes, you can bring a banjo on a plane. But you need to put your banjo inside a pressurized cabin on the plane. So having a case that is structured well enough to protect your valuable instrument is very important.

  1. How Do I Choose A Banjo Case?

To choose your banjo case, you need to know some aspects of the case and about your instrument before buying. You need to be aware of the structure of the case that fits your banjo perfectly. Also, the interior structure has to be perfect to prevent any scratches.

  1. How Much Is A Banjo Case?

The price of a banjo case can vary depending on the features and quality it provides to protect your banjo and fit accessories or not. It can start from 10$ and can go up to 300-400$ based on your requirement as you will use the case casually or for professional use.

  1. How Long Is A Banjo Case?

The average length of the interior of a banjo case is 40inches. It can vary depending on your requirements and the size of your banjo.

  1. Do I Need A Banjo Case?

If you are not just playing your banjo at home and often travel to places to play the instrument, you need a banjo case to protect the instrument. Even if you don’t travel often, it’s recommended to have a case to protect your banjo.

Conclusion and Recommendation

It’s hard to find the right case that will protect your banjo from accidental harm, more so If you are a frequent flyer that is. So, it is only natural to do your research before buying a case for your banjo. You have to carefully choose the features you need in your case. 

But, we’ll highly recommend a solid case if you travel frequently, especially by plane.

Here is our recommendation – 

Golden Gate C-1536 Banjo Case

This banjo case would be a great option for frequent flyers and travel.

And so we conclude that Golden Gate C-1536 is the best banjo case for flight.

But if you are worried about carrying a softer, easily portable case, we would recommend a special case like Superior C-269. Whichever you choose to buy, you should consider the size and dimensions as well as the weight of your instrument to get the perfect case for your banjo.

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