Best Banjo for Bluegrass (Buying Guide 2022)

If you’re looking for the perfect banjo for bluegrass, you’ve come to the right place! 

In this post, we’ll introduce you to 8 of the best banjos for bluegrass, and explain which one is perfect for you. From beginner-friendly models to ones that are perfect for experienced players, we’ll have a banjo for everyone!

Here is a list of best banjo for bluegrass – 

  1. Deering Sierra: Best Bluegrass Banjo Overall
  2. Deering Goodtime 2: Best Bluegrass Banjo for The Money
  3. Washburn American B10: Best Bluegrass Banjo for Durabillity
  4. ADM Beginner Bluegrass Banjo: Best Beginner Bluegrass Banjo
  5. Kmise 4 String Banjo Bluegrass: Best 4 String Bluegrass Banjo
  6. Deering Goodtime: Deering Bluegrass Country Banjo
  7. Stagg BJM30 DL: Stagg 5 String Bluegrass Banjo
  8. EDMBG Remo Head: 5 String Bluegrass Banjo With Remo Skin

Comparison Table for Best Banjo for Bluegrass

NameTop TypeBack TypeWeightStrings
Deering SierraTop frosted MylarMahogany12.25 lbs5
Deering Goodtime 2Top frosted MylarMaple6 lbs5
Washburn American B10Remo Mahogany8.28 lbs5
ADM Beginner Bluegrass BanjoWalnut, SapeleWalnut, Sapele, Wood9.43 lbs5
Kmise 4 String Banjo BluegrassPolyesterSapele2.62 lbs4
Deering GoodtimeMaple, EbonyMaple, Ebony4 lbs5
Stagg BJM30 DLMahoganyMahogany4.42 lbs5
EDMBG Remo HeadRemo headSepele wood7.5 lbs5

Things to Know Before Buying

Although we have already narrow down 8 of the best banjo for bluegrass, you still should know what and why you are buying. Having an indepth knowledge about the things you love will not harm you.

What Is Bluegrass Banjo?

The Bluegrass Banjo was mainly originated by a type of music playing style called Bluegrass.

Bluegrass is a music style that was specifically invented by Bill Monroe, a mandolin player subsequently introduced to “Blue Notes”. After he was exposed to black blues guitar players he came up with this unique music style.

While Bill Monroe was referred to as the father of “Bluegrass music”, an American musician named Earl Scruggs was considered the father of bluegrass banjo. Earl Scruggs who made a burst out in the mid-1940s was the one who come up with the innovation of Bluegrass-style banjo.

The bluegrass style is a flurry of fast, the notes it has are brilliant-sounding and it is the sound behind all-time best banjo classics like Scruggs’ Foggy Mountain Breakdown and Dueling Banjos.

What is Bluegrass Music?

Bluegrass is a traditional music-based band series. It is a combination of different genres of music such as square dance, jazz, etc. For the most part, the band based on Bluegrass music features a limit of 5-7 artists playing various acoustic instruments such as Mandolin, Banjo, guitar, fiddle, guitar, etc. 

As a Jazz class, in country music, each player gets the opportunity to take the lead of the pack. It is often distinguished by its high power and fast rhythm. Twang singing often hits different. The amazing property of twang music is the level of singing alone or in a large group.

The origins of twang music can be traced to America in the 1600s by people who came to form England. They have brought the usual styles of country music that are widely regarded as the foundation of twang music on the edge. Through the tireless efforts of William Smith “Bill” Monroe (1911-1996) country music became popular in the 1940’s. 

He is regarded as the father of “Country” music.

Currently bluegrass is popular worldwide. The International Bluegrass Music Association has members from more than 50+ regions from over 30+ countries.

History of Bluegrass Music

Bluegrass s a combined musical type from different traditions. If we see the roots of bluegrass music, we can find its roots in English, Irish and Scottish traditions. 

Bluegrass is often recognized because of its fast playing and high intensive nature. But little do we know is that bluegrass allows its player to play different instruments like banjo, mandolin, bass, etc.

“Bill Monroe” is considered to be the father bluegrass playing style. He introduced us to the genre “high and lonesome sound”. Bluegrass was adapted from bill’s playing style and later improvised and improved by different players all over the world.

Bluegrass music was originated in the 1930s. Bluegrass music is now played in different corners of the world. Classic bluegrass music is played worldwide, but now it is influenced by the genres like jazz and rock and roll.

1948 – 1969 was of the pick time for bluegrass music. The flat and Scruggs band has a major influence on bluegrass music. It was very popular for their appearances in concerts, radios and in universities they visited.

Later in 1960, the “bluegrass festival” was introduced and made crazy responses among the players. “Bill Monroe” helped this festival to grow and provided a platform to spread bluegrass worldwide.

Difference between Clawhammer and Bluegrass Banjo

Many new banjo users don’t understand which banjo they should buy, which one will pique their interest, what will make them feel comfortable while playing.

Before learning banjo, we should think about selecting a banjo first. Thinking about it is also part of learning the banjo, and this comes in handy while learning the banjo.

There are many differences between Clawhammer and Bluegrass banjo which may not be noticeable for beginners. These differences impact also varies from person to person.

Let’s get to see the common difference between these banjos:

Clawhammer BanjoBluegrass Banjo
Played by using a downward strumming motion over the strings.Bluegrass banjo avoids strumming.
Typically any melody is played by striking one string then quickly to another two or three strings.Fingerpicks are used on the thumb, index, and middle fingers.
It creates a rhythm while playing.It follows the style that Scruggs came up with.
The hand makes a claw-like shape and strums downward with the index finger hitting single notes.The picking consists of an up-picking motion by the fingers
Clawhammer Banjo’s music tends to give you the energy and feel of nature.Bluegrass Banjo’s music also gives you a calm melody but not in every generic way.

Learn more about Clawhammer Vs Bluegrass Banjo

  1. Deering Sierra: Best Bluegrass Banjo Overall


  • Bronze tone ring.
  • Ebony Fingerboard.
  • Three-ply rim.
  • Adjustable tailpiece.

Deering Sierra Specification

Top MaterialTop frosted mylar
Back MaterialMahogany
String MaterialAlloy Steel
Number of Strings5
Item Dimension38.75 x 13.88 x 4.25 inches
Finish TypeLacquered
Weight12.25 Pounds

Product Description

Bronze Tone Ring

This type of tone ring is usually cast in foundries. It is also machined to the final shape on a lathe.  The alloy which has 5% or more than that lead content can create rings that give a banjo user a good bass response. Deering Sierra 5-String Banjo has a ’06 bell bronze tone ring to give anyone a different type of music.

Ebony Fingerboard

Deering Sierra 5-String Banjo made with Ebony Fingerboard.

The ebony fingerboard is kind of similar to maple board and rosewood.

The ebony fingerboard is a highly dense wood that also has a bright tone and the pores it has are oilier. That’s what gives this banjo a different type of look.

Three-Ply Rim

Every professional banjo player who has the craving for creating a mastertone seeks a Three-ply rim feature in their banjo. 

Deering Company is also well aware of that and that’s the main reason why they used this three-ply rim to attract both audience and banjo user with its soothing tone.

Adjustable Tailpiece

The adjustable tailpiece feature on the banjo comes in handy in many ways. 

For a banjo player adjusting some kind of angle of the tailpiece is very useful.

The adjustable tailpiece’s main attraction is the metal plate that protrudes at the banjo head and a screw that is made for adjustment. Both of these functions together let you adjust the angle of the strings over the banjo bridge.


  • Has a perfect Neck.
  • The neck profile is easy to play with.
  • Comes with a full setup and is ready to play.
  • A hard case is included with an Instrument Alley purchase.


  • A strap is not included.
  • It isn’t spiked.
  • The banjo has a little more weight than other usual banjos.
  • The finish on the body and the neck is not glossy.

Why Should I Buy Deering Sierra?

Before buying any product it’s normal to have this question arise in your mind,

“Why should I buy this product?”

If a certain product can fill your requirements then you will go for the buying.

For both professional and new banjo players, the type of banjo they look for is the one that can create music that can touch your heart. The reason you, as a banjo player, should buy Deering Sierra 5 because its a simple yet important topic to focus on.

Deering Sierra-5 string banjo is made for playing music such as country, jazz, nature, etc. 

The high neck and adjustable tailpiece make it easy to play and change the tone to the musician’s desire. The body of this banjo is made from high-quality strong wood and for more safety purposes the company provides a hard case with an instrument alley purchase.

  1. Deering Goodtime 2: Best Bluegrass Banjo for the Money


  • Rock Maple (Slender) Neck
  • Three Plied Rim
  • Tailpiece (adjustable)
  • Using a budget
  • Friendly Beginner

Deering Goodtime 2 Specification

Top MaterialTop Frosted mylar
Back MaterialMaple
String MaterialAlloyed Steel
Number of Strings5
Body MaterialMaple
Fretboard MaterialMaple
Weight6 Pounds

Product Description


Deering Goodtime 2 is the best banjo on the market as it easily fits into your low budget.

Beginner Friendly

Deering Goodtime 2 is a beginner banjo that can be successfully managed with minimal effort.

Maple Neck (Slender)

It has a slim maple neck that holds the strings and gives you a grip that suits you while playing the banjo. It wouldn’t slip that easily from your palm.

Plied Rim Three

The Three-ply Rim provides a firm grip on the Remo head. It helds the remo head tightly which produces a twangy sound making the sound more realistic.

Tailpiece (adjustable)

The Deering Goodtime 2 background is flexible but you might as well. By default most of the tailpieces are previously installed.


  • The resonator is easily adjustable
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Geared tuner upto the 5th
  • Maple resonator (Can be adjusted)
  • Armrest is included.


  • Does not come with a case
  • A little bit heavy compared to the Deering Goodtime Banjo
  • Does not have a truss rod

Why Should I Buy Deering Goodtime 2?

Deering Goodtime 2 is made with extreme care and precision. It has good quality materials. Beginner-friendly playstyle packed in an affordable package for all the players. It produces such a unique sound which makes it different than any other banjos in the market. 

Greg Deering (Founder of Deering) Designed this banjo in such a way that the players with an easy to learn instrument and can be mastered easily.

  1. Washburn American B10: Best Bluegrass Banjo for Durabillity


  • Mahogany resonator
  • 22 Frets
  • Deluxe Pearl inlays
  • Die cast tuners
  • Fine remo head
  • Maple Bridge with ebony edged
  • Budget Friendly
  • Durability

Washburn American B10 5 string banjo Specifications

Top MaterialRemo
Back MaterialMahogany
String MaterialNickel
Number of Strings5
Body MaterialRemo
Fretboard MaterialEngineered Wood
Weight8.28 Pounds

Product Description

Mahogany resonator

It’s a 5-string banjo with a solid wood resonator and a gleam sunburst finish. The sound is reflected by the resonator, which delivers a lovely, fluent and melodic tune.

22 Frets

The Washburn Americana has a Mahogany Neck and 22 vigorous frets. A Deluxe pearl fingerboard with trims is remembered for this fine banjo.

Die Cast

The kick the bucket cast tuner is involved rather than ordinary tuners for smooting tuning and music playback.

Remo head

The Washburn highlights a veritable Remo head that produces strong sound. Remo’s head is strong , splendid and white in variety. Remo’s head is a weather conditions lord’s head. The chrome armrest gives solace to the player, while a unique Remo Head upholds a dark tipped maple span for right dissemination.


The Washburn American B10 is the best banjo available since it fits inside your restricted spending plan. A 22 inch long Mahogany neck is additionally included.


The Washburn B10 Banjo is made with great materials that can endure a ton of purpose and are not promptly obliterated. It is, all things considered, developed of the hardest mahogany wood.


  • Double Rods
  • String Attached
  • Comes with a high quality strings
  • Truss rod
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Armrest included
  • First class quality


  • Bridge has to be set up
  • Does not come with case
  • A bit heavy
  1. ADM Beginner Bluegrass Banjo: Best Beginner Bluegrass Banjo


  • High-quality material
  • Mahogany fingerboard 
  • Ideal for traveling
  • Geared 5th tuner

ADM Beginner Bluegrass Banjo Specifications

Product NameLeft-hand banjo
Fingerboard Mahogany 
Dimensions41×18×5 inches
MaterialWood, metal
Weight8.4 pounds
Color Wood, white
Back materialSapele
String materialAlloy steel
Neck material Mahogany

Product Description

High-Quality Material

Good quality material means high-quality sound. You can’t hope to get good quality sound from bad quality material. Their high-quality material produces sweet sounds with clarity. 

The material also provides durability in the instrument. So, when you fingerpick the banjo fast, the bridge holds the strings in place with wonderful stability.

Mahogany Fingerboard

Since the ancient age mahogany has been one of the go-to materials for the musical instrument. Mahogany wood provides the layered sound which is a premium feature for a banjo. Adm uses mahogany in their fingerboard and bridge. 

It increases the durability of the banjo.

As metal fingerboard and bridge get corroded and can affect the lifespan of the banjo, mahogany fingerboard helps the instrument to prolong its life.

Ideal for Traveling

Adm also provides a thick bag that helps in carrying the banjo without any harm. The bag helps protect the banjo while carrying in camping, hiking, or on the beach.

Geared 5th Tuner

The geared fifth tuner helps in tuning and playing the banjo. It also helps to get the perfect tones for the country, folk, bluegrass, or any kind of music type.


  • Good beginner banjo
  • Good looking banjo as a gift
  • Equipped for traveling 
  • Durable and lightweight 
  • Comfortable feel in playing
  • Classical design


  • The neck is angled towards the fifth string that can create a problem.
  • The nut isn’t durable enough
  • Strings aren’t durable.

Why Should I Buy ADM Beginner Bluegrass Banjo?

ADM provides features that make it incomparable to other competitions in the market. In the price range ADM provides the banjo it is quite remarkable the kind of quality it serves. Mahogany fingerboard provides layered sound with clarity. Usage of wood makes the instrument corrosion-free.

Also, there is a fifth geared tuner that helps to tune the guitar more precisely. Keeping in mind the budget and the features there is no other option available in the market.

Alternatives to ADM Bluegrass 5 String Banjo

Adm bluegrass banjo is one of the leading banjos in bluegrass style. 

But, if you choose to try something else, you can go with banjos are described below:

  • Costzon 5-String Banjo
  • Ashthorpe 5-String Banjo

Costzon 5-String Banjo

Solid woodwork

This banjo is made of solid quality plywood. Costzon used high-quality Sapele wood in the back and side panel. The fingerboard is made of rosewood. Rosewood is very popular for its durability. As you can see the whole body is made of wood, so you don’t have to worry about your banjo getting corroded.

Geared 5th tuner

This banjo is ideal for genres like country, bluegrass, folk, and even modern rock. They have also added a fifth tuner that helps the banjo to upgrade its sound to the next level.

24 Adjustable Brackets

There are 24 consolidating brackets in the banjo. It helps the player to control the banjo’s sound. It adjusts the drum to make the perfect and required sound.


The price range of this banjo is quite budget-friendly. So, beginners can go for this banjo as a worthy option besides ADM bluegrass banjo.

Helpful Accessories

It has a digital tuner to adjust the sound level. This is one of the exclusive features of a banjo.  This helps the beginners and kids to tune the banjo more precisely. They also provide a carry bag that helps the banjo safe from corrosion and scratch and ensures a long lifespan.

Ashthorpe 5-String Banjo

Traditional style

Ashthorpe follows the traditional style of the banjo. It has a tambourine-shaped body guitar-like headstock and neck. The traditional style allows the player to play any kind of playing style with the banjo. You can play bluegrass, folk and rock music too. The sound variation of this banjo is so mesmerizing that any playing style sounds beautiful in it.

Remo Head

World-renowned Remo Drum Company designed the Remo head for the kit. This remo head provides the best quality sound from the banjo. It provides better sound and clarity.  The head is coated with 24 chrome-plated brackets for superior banjo string vibration transfer.

Amazing Craftsmanship

The banjo is constructed with so much perfection that the craftsmanship impresses everyone. They use mahogany neck and laurel fretboard with finely polished frets. The body is also made with beautiful finishing and from mahogany wood. The closed-back resonator can be removed easily. 

So, you can play the banjo open back too.

Geared Fifth Tuner

This banjo also has a geared fifth tuner. A geared fifth tuner is thought to be a premium feature that is only available in expensive banjos. But, ashthorpe provides the fifth string that gives precise tuning. There is also a truss rod that helps to adjust the neck. It helps the neck to remain straight.

  1. Kmise 4 String Banjo Bluegrass: Best 4 String Bluegrass Banjo


  • Four stringed, produces a specific sound
  • Drumhead is made with Polyester, has an amazing elasticity too
  • Amateur pleasant
  • Budget friendly
  • may be played in distinctive ways
  • Easy to carry
  • good excellent additives

Kmise 4 String Banjo Specifications

Top MaterialPolyester
Back MaterialSapele
String MaterialAquilla
Number of Strings4
Body MaterialVacant
Fingerboard MaterialRosewood
Weight2.62 Pounds

Product Description

4 strung, produces an exceptional sound

The banjo is a four-stringed banjo that produces a completely unique sound compared to other five-string banjos. The banjo guitar is a 4-stringed device with a quick banjo-type body and a fretted concert-length guitar neck that has become very famous inside the ’20s and ’30s. 

It possesses the unique sound of a banjo and the small scale tuning and rambling fashion of a ukulele. The device uses the not unusual guitar tuning of G-C-E-A.

Drumhead Is Made With Polyester

Kmise’s drumhead is made with polyester with top-notch elasticity. Its miles fast responsive too. 

It comes with an advanced Aquila. The right excellent tuners and strings are imported from Italy. 

Due to its terrific strings and superior drumhead, it produces a high-quality, super, and percussive tone that also has an ideal tone. It is also tuned to the fourth tuner.

Can Be Performed In Specific Styles

The Kmise 4 string banjo may be performed in a diffusion of styles. Numerous strategies were blended to make this banjo play. The banjo additionally has a resonator or an open lower back variety. 

The resonator is detachable. The traditional resonator style produces a mellow, soft sound while the open resonator fashion produces a louder sound.

Easy To Use

In comparison to other banjos and ukuleles, the Kmise banjolele with 3mm in 12th problem is a totally comfy pick for novices to research due to the fact gamers do not want to press too difficult for much less movement.

Preset with a truss rod in the neck, gamers can modify for velocity with the required wrench. The clean fretboard and easy worry strings also make for clean contact and keep the hands from scratching.


The Kmise four String Banjo produces a surprising quantity and edgy melody way to its Sapele closed lower back. The 8.5-inch climate King Drumhead amplifies the sound and ensures an especially nice sound. 12 worry hooks maintain the sound melodious.

String & Bridge

Its miles ready with Aquila strings that provide you with a piquant, heat, and notable tone.  

The bridge has a tough texture that can no longer deform without troubles, maintaining the form stable and growing the firmness.

Fingerboard & Frets

The fingerboard is mostly crafted from walnut wood which ensures that there’s no humming. 

The strings come with an on the hand grip and shield your hand from scratches or cuts.


The Kmise four string is a newbie banjo that can be managed correctly with minimum attempt. 

You may additionally watch some tutorial in the youtube as well.

Budget Friendly

The Kmise 4 String Banjo is the marketplace-leading banner as it fits effortlessly into your low budget.


  • Comes with a gig bag
  • Resists corrosion because of dust, sweat, and water.
  • The truss rod may be moved around.
  • It is light.
  • Removeable resonator
  • Comes with a bridge
  • Easy to hold


  • No truss rod
  • There’s no manual blanketed.
  • want to be adjusted after unboxing
  • Unboxing is not accompanied by using tuning ( A video academic may be accompanied)
  1. Deering Goodtime: Deering Bluegrass Country Banjo


  • Gig bag included
  • Slender Maple Neck
  • 11 inch Maple Rim made of steel
  • High quality
  • Light weight
  • Budget friendly

Deering Goodtime Specifications

Top MaterialMaple, Ebony
Back MaterialMaple, Ebony
String MaterialNickel
Number of Strings5
Body MaterialRemo
Fretboard MaterialEngineered Wood
Weight4 Pounds

Product Description

Gig Bag Included

A padded dark gig pack is incorporated with the edm 5-String twang Banjo. The outcome is a chromatic tuner. This gig pack protects the banjo from injury and holds it back from decaying. With the provided gig pack, it’s inconceivably simple to ship and fit it anyplace securely.

Slender Maple Neck

The neck is made with a flimsy Blonded Maple rock maple neck alongside 22 squeezed worries shrouded in nickel and silver. It likewise has a Hardwood Bow Tie Inlays and Geared Bow Tie Inlays. Glossy silk completed neck. Peghead Deering Fiddle Shaped.

Maple Rim Steel

11″ Blonded 3 utilized Violin Grade Maple Rim Steel alongside Tension Hoop 11″ and Frosted Top High Crown Head. It has a scaffold of 5/8″ Maple/Ebony, 16 Flat Hooks with 9/32″, Nuts with 16 Bracket Shoes, and Screw Attachments Deering Patterned Goodtime Tailpiece Steel.

High Quality 

The Deering Goodtime 5 String Banjo is comprised of the best Maple and Ebony materials. It can endure weighty jobs and bear hard hits or tumbles. 

As it is lightweight you can convey the banjo without any problem.

Budget Friendly

The Deering Goodtime 5 string Openback banjo can be in shape easily inside your little funds and it is really great for the beginners.


  • Light weight
  • Financial plan Friendly
  • Strong
  • Long slender Neck
  • Comes with a gig bag


  • Left handed
  • Need to adjust strings in the wake of unpacking
  • Bridges must be set up
  • No manual book is included.
  1. Stagg BJM30 DL: Stagg 5 String Bluegrass Banjo


  • Multi string features
  • Light weight
  • Resonator made of mahogany
  • Pot made of metal alloy
  • Light weight
  • Top notch material quality
  • 30 Bracket hooks

Stagg BJM30 LH Specifications

Top MaterialMahogany
Back MaterialMahogany
String MaterialNickel
Number of Strings5
Body MaterialMahogany
Fretboard Materialrosewood Wood
Weight4.42 Pounds

Product Description

Multi String Features

The Stagg BJM30 is a multi-stringed guitar. The 4 string, 5 string, 6 string, and 6 string LH (Left Handed) highlights are accessible. These highlights make it simpler for clients to dominate the instrument. 

These multi-reason highlights help clients in acquiring experience with an assortment of banjos and becoming accustomed to it without any problem.

30 Hooks

It accompanies a 30 section snare that keeps the banjo intact firmly. 

This section is comprised of top notch materials.


The back of the Stagg BJM30 incorporates a resonator, which delivers a charming sound. The resonator is built of Mahogany and is genuinely tough, without engrossing any sound produced by the string. 

It reflects everything back to you. The resonator is built of the best mahogany, which we get straightforwardly from the market’s driving merchants.

Light Weight

The Stagg BJM30 is very lightweight. You can convey it anyplace without any problem. 

It can likewise fit through many places without getting into any trouble.

Budget Friendly

Assuming you’re looking for a banjo on a tight spending plan, the Stagg BJM30 (4 string) is the best choice you can have at the present time. Learning the instrument with little effort will be straightforward. Later on, you can custom the instrument as indicated by your longing and need.


  • Armrest included
  • Light weight
  • Includes a cable jack
  • Multi string features
  • Pre set up 


  • Doesn’t include a gig bag
  • Does not have a manual
  • For left handed users only
  1. EDMBG Remo Head: 5 String Bluegrass Banjo with Remo Skin


  • Artistic design
  • Drum head of Remo
  • Splendid and Unique tone

EDMBG 5 string bluegrass banjo with remo skin Specification

Top MaterialRemo Head
Back MaterialSepele wood
String MaterialNickel
Number of Strings5
Body MaterialMahogany
Fretboard Materialrosewood Wood
Weight7.5 Pounds

Product Description

Artistic Design

The EDM 5 string Bluegrass banjo includes an imaginative look that will cause observers to notice the banjo. This example is made from the best sepele wood accessible available and our master ranchers handpick this sepele wood, which is then provided by our confided in dealers.

Remo Drum Head

On the EDM 5 string banjo, the Remo drum head is used. The EDM 5 String Bluegrass Banjo Head is the most famous 5-string banjo head accessible, with a conventional white iced top. 

Remo Banjo Heads are trusted by each kind of banjo maker on the planet in light of their nature of creation, the sound that a banjo makes, and their exhibition.


The EDM 5 string Bluegrass Banjo is the best banjo in the market as it fits effectively inside your strict financial plan without any problem. It additionally incorporates a Mahogany neck.


The EDM 5 string Bluegrass Banjo is made with great materials and can take a ton of play without being obliterated. It is, all things considered, developed of the hardest and the best mahogany wood on the lookout.


  • Comes with pre installed strings
  • High quality Materials utilized
  • Attractive design
  • Light weight
  • Budget Friendly
  • Made in China
  • Great Remo head
  • For both hand users


  • Does not have a brand
  • NO labelling
  • Does not come with a manual book
  • Does not include any manual
  • Have to tune it before playing

Final Verdict

In this blog, we wanted to share with you our top pick for the best banjo for bluegrass. 

While there are many great banjos on the market, we have choosen the 8 best banjo for bluegrass.

But even from among these choosen banjos, our music research team thinks that the Deering Sierra is the best bluegrass banjo overall. It’s the perfect banjo for anyone looking to start playing this popular style of music. If you’re still undecided, don’t hesitate to give it a try and see what all the hype is about!

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