8 Best Banjo Stands in 2022 | Review & Buying Guide

Banjos are heavy instruments. They can be difficult to lug around for any extended period, which is why musicians opt for a banjo stand. The best stands will hold your instrument securely and safely, without the risk of damage to the neck or body by falling off or tipping over. A banjo’s lifetime depends on how well you take care of it.

I understand your concern and confusion while searching for quality stands. With so many options out there, it’s hard to find the perfect stand that suits your needs!

That’s why we created a list of the 8 best banjo stands in 2022 – 

  1. GLEAM Guitar Stand
  2. Rok-It Compact and Universal A-Frame Stand
  3. Fender Deluxe Hanging Guitar Stand
  4. Koldot Wooden Guitar Stand
  5. Neboic guitar stand
  6. Gator Frameworks Electric Guitar Stand 
  7. Donner Wood Guitar Stand
  8. K&M Heli 2 Guitar Stand Folding A-Frame for Acoustic and Electric Guitars (17580B)
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Comparison Table for the Best Banjo Stands

GLEAM Guitar Stand1.65 pounds8.8
Rok-It Compact and Universal A-Frame Stand3.14 pounds9.4
Fender Deluxe Hanging Guitar Stand1.1 pounds9.6
Koldot Wooden Guitar Stand2.55 pounds8.6
Neboic guitar stand1.72 pounds9.2
Gator Frameworks Electric Guitar Stand 3.5 pounds9.2
Donner Wood Guitar Stand1.52 pounds9.2
K&M Heli 2 Guitar Stand Folding A-Frame for Acoustic and Electric Guitars (17580B)0.035 ounces9.8

Banjo Stand Buying Guide

There are a few things that you should take into account when purchasing a banjo stand. The first consideration is the type of stand that you need. There are three main types of banjo stands- the tripod stand, the neck stand, and the floor stand.

The tripod stand is the most popular type of banjo stand. It is stable and easy to use. The neck stand is good for travel or for storing your banjo in a small space. The floor stand is perfect if you want to keep your banjo within arm’s reach while you play.

Design of the Banjo Stand

A simple banjo stand is a tripod, with two legs at the back and one leg in the front. Usually, the front leg has a brace to protect your banjo from being scratched or dented by the floor. Do note that for any setup involving a contact point with the floor your floor must be non-scratch/non-marking if you do not want to damage your instrument! 

best stand for banjo

The simplest arrangement could be called “the three-legged stool” stand, but there are many variations on this idea. There may even be foldable arms, adjustable feet, or other addons that help make things more convenient.


The stand needs to be strong enough to hold the weight of the banjo and not wobble or topple over. It is also important that the finish on the stand does not scratch or damage your banjo.

Ease of Installation

The banjo stand should be easy to set up and fold away for storage. Some stands have a height adjustment feature so that you can get the best position of your instrument while sitting or standing. 

You may also want to consider how many arms, legs, etc the stand has. More complex systems with more pieces take longer to assemble and disassemble.

Portability of the Banjo Stand

The stand should be easy to fold up or disassemble when you are done using it. You may want the option of storing the stand away in a tight place, taking it with you when visiting friends, etc. 

A collapsible stand is ideal for this type of portability requirement. Keep in mind that folding stands are often less sturdy than fixed stands.

  1. GLEAM Guitar Stand

Gleam adjustable guitar stand can be a very helpful solution for your banjo. It’s a foldable stand with a very easy setup process. I liked this stand very much because of its light yet strong structure.

Among other competitions, gleam provides a value for money product. You can fold it to carry with your banjo or guitar. You can fit your acoustic guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, and also your banjo. It has a foam backrest to protect your banjo from any kind of damage.


  • Lightweight and very convenient to carry.
  • The metal body serves the stability needed for a stand
  • Can fit any kind of guitar family instrument like banjo, ukulele, mandolin, etc.
  • Lifetime warranty and service.


  • The top neck support is a bit flimsy
  • Some of the metal bodies may come into contact with the instrument
  1. Rok-It Compact and Universal A-Frame Stand

I liked this stand because of its design. It’s a bit different from other stands. It doesn’t have a neck rest for your instrument. But, the design is so well balanced that it doesn’t need to have a neck rest. 

This single stand is perfect for banjos, guitars, bass guitars with a collapsible design that folds flat for easy storage. it’s made of steel construction with rubber grip feet. While being stylish and sleek it’s durable and stable too.


Collapsible Design

When you are not using it, you can fold it and leave it anywhere. So, storage won’t be any problem if you choose it.

Heavy-Duty Structure

The stand is made of durable yet lightweight steel. The steel quality is quite high compared to what you’ll find in other stands. The stand comes with rubber feet which provide stability and safety to your banjo.

Pricing and Details

It weighs around 3.14 pounds claiming that it has a lightweight structure. You can buy this stand for $16 only. Additional prices may also add depending on the shipping cost.


  • The banjo stand is highly portable due to its folding option
  • It has a lightweight structure
  • Made with durable steel material
  • Rubber feet provide good stability


  • The banjo stand is a bit flimsy
  • The cradle tends to turn upside down
  1. Fender Deluxe Hanging Guitar Stand

Fender deluxe hanging guitar stands come with comfort and convenience. Durability is an aspect they didn’t compromise in this. It’s suitable for players who have to travel a lot with their instruments.


  • Ideal for a round-shaped instrument like a banjo.
  • Height adjustable yoke is something to look out for. A yoke helps to adjust the weight balance of the neck of an instrument. Fender provides you the option to adjust the height of the yoke. As a result, it can hold any instrument of any length. It also  helps to maintain a good posture of your instrument 
  • They use nitrocellulose for their padding. This provides extra cushioning to the instrument.
  • Durable and very efficient for road use.


  • Can not be used on stage or high traffic area
  • Can only be used for lighter guitars
  1. Koldot Wooden Guitar Stand

The Koldot Wooden Guitar Stand is the perfect way to show off your banjo! 

The high-grade solid wood construction features a unique wood grain that will let your guitar stand out from the rest.


Aesthetic: The Koldot Guitar Stand is a multipurpose stand that looks good in any room. It’s made of solid wood, which makes it look more elegant and sturdy. This stand makes your instrument look great while it’s safely stored.

Strong & Sturdy: This sturdy and reliable stand is just perfect for holding different string instruments.

Stability: It has a wide base, so it won’t tip over easily. Better stability means your banjo won’t shake or wobble.

Adjustable width: You can adjust the width of this guitar stand by moving the wooden bars closer or further apart. This way you can fit your guitars perfectly! The adjustable width fits most size instruments.

Multipurpose: You don’t just have to use this product for banjos- you can also use it for other musical instruments like guitars, violins, cellos, etc.

Safety: It features non-slip rubber covers to keep your banjo safe and sound. Plus, assembly is simple- just pop the pieces together in minutes and you’re ready to go!


  • The Banjo stand is stylish and aesthetic looking
  • Adjustable for fitting different sizes of guitars
  • It has a wide base and great stability
  • Strong and durable with quality material
  • Can be used for various string instruments
  • Rubber covers keep the instrument from falling


  • The direction manual isn’t clear
  • The tools that come with the stand doesn’t seem to work properly
  1. Neboic guitar stand

Neboic stands can also be a solution for your banjo. It’s also an A-shaped shape. They use foam cushioning in the base and also in the parts where your instrument will make contact with the stand. 

They don’t use metal for the body. Instead, they use mahogany wood for the body. This provides a natural and glamourous look to the stand.


  • Neboic provides you stand with a folding option. So, you can fold it when you aren’t using it.
  • This stand is very lightweight. Despite using a wooden body the stand isn’t very heavy. You can easily carry it anywhere with you.
  • Premium and sophisticated look of Mahogany wood. You won’t get a mahogany wood stand quite easily. Neboic stands out from other competitors in this aspect.
  • Non-slip rubber padding serves stability to your instrument. Also their scratch-free cushioning ensures safety to the surface of the banjo.


  • Not sturdy enough for guitar
  • Become wobbly when fully tightened
  1. Gator Frameworks Electric Guitar Stand

It’s also an A-shaped guitar with a contoured cradle. This helps you to fit any kind of guitar, ukulele, or banjo on that stand. You can easily use it for your banjo too.


  • Adjustable for instruments of any length. 
  • The iron body ensures a strong grip on the instrument to avoid any kind of falling.
  • Rubberized cradle padding provides stability.
  • Portable design allows you to use it anywhere and helps when you are traveling.


  • Top and bottom holders swivel easily
  • The stand isn’t quite compatible with the V-shaped guitars because of its A-shaped size.


You can get this A-shaped guitar stand from amazon for $29.99. Prices will also include shipping costs and import fees.

  1. Donner Wood Guitar Stand

Donner guitar stand isn’t just for guitars. You can use it as a stand for your bass, acoustic, lead, ukulele, or banjo. The wooden body gives a natural look altogether.


  • Stability is a must thing for a sensitive instrument like a banjo or the guitar. Donner wood stand provides you with good stability with a perfectly balanced base. The solid base will make sure that it won’t shake your instrument. 
  • Acacia wood is one of the unique wood used in guitar stands. Donner uses this wood will surely impress you with its unique look.
  • Donner uses good quality cotton padding for the parts that will make contact with your banjo. As a result, the impact will be less whenever you place your banjo on the stand. 
  • It’s very easy to install and its foldability allows its user to fold it when they aren’t using it.
  • A-shaped stands provide extra stability compared to the other stands.
  • Wooden stands are heavier than steel stands. The extra weights help to maintain stability and avoid shaking.


  • The screws are a bit loose
  • The wood has a bit poor finish
  1. K&M Heli 2 Guitar Stand Folding A-Frame for Acoustic and Electric Guitars (17580B)

This K&M guitar stand comes with a unique design to change the width of the stand. This helps to adjust the size of the stand according to the width of your instrument. 

You can set you any kind of instruments like guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, or even the ukulele using this stand.

They are made these stands for about 65 years. So, you can trust them with your money. König & Meyer doesn’t compromise with the quality even in smaller details.


  • It has a practical transport lock that can be handy when you’re traveling with your banjo.
  • Often we face problems placing our banjo or guitar picks. Sometimes we also lose it. But, K&M stands has Integrated pick holders to end your misery.
  • Adjustable stands give you a range of 7” to 9” to adjust the width of the stand. By changing the width of the stand you can easily provide stability to your banjo.
  • It’s very simple to fold the stand and carry. So, users who move a lot with their instruments can easily buy them for their easy usage.
  • Elaborate rubber structure gives the perfect balance to the stand and the unique design goes flawlessly with it.
  • They have the ISO certification for their eco-friendly resource consumption. They ensure the least impact on the environment.


  • The instruments can get steins from rubber
  • The rubber is not that soft

Color option

This stand comes with four different color choices. You can choose between black, red, blue and cork.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.  Is It Necessary to Use a Stand for Your Banjo?

Professional players around the world suggest beginners use a banjo stand when they aren’t using it. The reason is a banjo is quite sensitive compared to instruments like bass or acoustic guitar. 

If you don’t store it safely, impacts may harm your banjo or even change its sound. So, it’s quite important to use a banjo stand to avoid any kind of harm to your instrument.

2. Can a Guitar Stand Be Used for a Banjo?

Many guitar stands may work just fine with your banjo. But, some stands may create problems for your banjo. It depends on the stand, how it holds the weight of the instrument. If you use an open-back banjo, then stands that support the back of the instrument will not work. 

Although the neck of a banjo is thinner than a guitar’s neck.

Also, stands that hold the neck of the guitar will not be suitable for the banjo as the banjo neck is thinner than the guitar neck.

3. Is Banjo Easier Than Guitar?

Banjo isn’t easier or tougher than the guitar. Every instrument comes with its advantages and disadvantages. If you use a four-string banjo you’ll find it easy to play as it has fewer strings than a guitar. A guitar has more notes than the banjo. So, you can say learning to play the banjo is easier than guitar.

5. Is Banjo Bigger Than Guitar?

No, a banjo isn’t bigger than a guitar. A guitar has a large body made of wood. On the other hand, a banjo has quite a smaller body than a guitar.

6. What Is a Banjo In Music?

A banjo is an instrument from the guitar family. It was originated in the Caribbean in the 18th century. Banjo has a different genre of music where it’s the primary instrument of the set-up. Banjo can be played solo or in a band with other instruments too.

7. What Is The Standard Tuning for a Banjo?

The standard tuning of a banjo depends on the number of strings. In a 5 string banjo, open G is the standard tuning. The notes are G, D, G, B, D. If you choose to play a four-string banjo the tuning will be different. 

The standard tuning for a 4 string banjo is called “tenor” (CGDA). There are also different tuning styles like the “Irish tenor”, “Plectrum” etc.

8. How Long Is a Banjo Strap?

The length of a banjo strap depends on the way you choose to wear it. Some players like to wear it on their right shoulder. But, some of them prefer to wear them on the left shoulder. Either way, you need to have a good grip on the frets. Experts, recommend wearing the strap and holding the pot maintaining a 45-degree angle vertically. 

There is no thumb rule for the length of the strap as such. It depends on your comfort. 

Our Recommendation

GLEAM Guitar Stand

We’ve now seen 9 different banjo stands, but which one is the best? After much consideration, I would have to choose GLEAM Guitar Stand as my favorite. This stand has a sleek design that doesn’t take up too much space on your floor and it can hold your beautiful banjo and keep it safe when you are not playing it. 

It also features rubber feet so you don’t scratch your floors when sliding this stand around. The metal frame makes it sturdy enough for any playing style while being lightweight enough not to cause back problems if you have to carry it with both hands. 

Alternative Suggestion

  1. Amazon Basics Guitar Folding A-Frame Stand for Acoustic and Electric Guitars
  2. RockJam Foldable A-Frame Guitar Stand
  3. Peak Music Stands Cello Stand (SC-20)
  4. Hercules Folk Instrument Stand
  5. Guitar Stand for Acoustic/Electric/Classical Guitars and Violin, Ukulele, Bass, Banjo, Mandolin
  6. Fender Universal A-Frame Electric Stand, Black
  7. TIHOOD Wooden Ukelele Stand Holder Musical Instrument Stand 


When it comes to the best banjo stands, there are many choices. Hopefully, this list of 9 has given you some ideas about which one is right for you! We want you to find what works for your needs and personal style.

If you are not sure about it, go for either GLEAM Guitar Stand or Rok-It Compact and Universal A-Frame Stand.

We hope this article has helped you find the best banjo stand for your needs. If it hasn’t and you need more help deciding on a particular product or want to ask us any questions about our picks, please feel free to reach out! 

We love hearing from readers like yourself who are passionate about music. 

Thank you so much for reading and happy picking!

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