5 Best Banjo Strings for Bluegrass: Top Strings Review!

If you are particular about your music, then choosing the best strings for your banjo will differ as per your personal preference.

To do this, we will walk you through a review and guide on the best way to purchase the best banjo strings for bluegrass that generate the right sound while enjoying the beauty of playing the banjo flawlessly.

best banjo strings for bluegrass

Top Banjo Strings For Bluegrass- Review

D’Addario EJ55

D’Addario is perhaps the most popular banjo strings manufacturer. Their D’Addario EJ 55 is a phosphor bronze 5-string banjo string. The phosphors bronze adds warmth, brilliance, and balance to your tone.
These strings were used by the popular banjo player Ralph Stanely. Bluegrass legend Rob McCoury used them too.
The strings have a medium gauge that makes them fit for beginner and professional players alike. A few players may find medium strings hard to press on compared to the light ones, but they are not difficult to learn. These banjo strings are also perfect for finger picking playing style.


  • Perfect for both beginners and professionals
  • Generate a warm and balanced tone
  • Corrosion-resistant


  • It may need hard pressing while playing

Elixir Medium w Polyweb Coating

Every string of this Elixir brand string is built with nickel-plated steel wire to guarantee its durability and brighter tone, in addition to a smooth vibe. These strings are loved by most bluegrass musicians because of their rich and fresh tone.
The Elixir comes with a unique POLYWEB coating to give a fast and smooth feel that keeps the strings from hindering with the playing process. Aside from that, the patented coating features also help in stopping corrosion and expanding the longevity of the strings. These unique features make these strings one of the strongest string brands in the business.


  • Offers longevity
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Lessens finger noise while playing


  • Some people may find coating slippery
  • Strings vibration is limited

D’Addario EJ69 Phosphor Bronze, Light

The D’Addario EJ69 is one of the popular 5-string banjo gauges. The reason behind its popularity goes to its well-known manufacturer and its light strings.
These strings are slack and give high-quality acoustic tones. A few players also consider these light strings the most effortless to play and control.
The D’Addario strings give fresh tones that improve the nature of your music. They don’t need any heavy pressing to strike the tone you want. In any case, they need cautious treatment as they are prone to get cut if you use roughly.


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Offers a warm acoustic tone
  • Slack and simple to play


  • Light strings can be overplayed

Martin Vega V730 Medium

Vega is a brand name that has been ruling the banjo instrument world since 1889 to date. This brand produces well-crafted banjos with brilliant raw materials and premium quality that surpasses expectations.
This Vega V730 model is an illustration of the Martin Vega line of banjo strings that surpasses a large group of different strings on the market. These strings come with a complete package, which the other light strings don’t.

They are best for medium pressure tuning. Vega strings offer you a smooth feel underneath your fingertips. The slides feel simply great and the strings additionally dominate in brightness, clarity, and durability.
The sound projection features are made possible because of the nickel/steel composite design used on it for a solid resonance.


  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Offers raw banjo sound
  • Budget-friendly
  • Simple to slide on


  • Likely to break easily

GHS Strings PF140

These 5-string strings are the preferred gauges of American banjo player J. D. Crowe. They are made of stainless steel that resists erosion. They have a light gauge that gives you a fresh bluegrass tone.
The stainless steel gives those strings a decent cutting tone. However, it may be cruel on your fret in the long term so you should be cautious while using them as not to damage your instrument.
Some players, especially beginners, find stainless steel fragile, which can make it difficult to control your tone.


  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Produce bright and sharp tones
  • Budget-friendly
  • Simple to play


  • May wear your fret out faster than other materials
  • It may be very fragile for beginners

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What gauge banjo strings should I use?
Manufacturers don’t always agree on the precise models or gauges. However, here are some standard gauges based on the theoretical weight of the string set:
Light: 095-. 010-. 013-. 020-. 095.
Medium Light: 010-. 011-. 012-.

What is the difference between light and medium banjo strings?
Medium gauge strings are thicker in width compared to the light gauge strings. The medium gauge strings tend to feel tighter while fretting and picking. The thicker string generates a more mid-range sound projection from a banjo. If you want more resistance or more string tension on the string, then the medium gauge is a great choice.

How many strings does a bluegrass banjo have?
Bluegrass music uses the 5-string resonator banjo completely and it’s played in different traditional styles.

How often should you change your banjo strings?
We recommend changing your banjo strings at least every two months. If you want to play your banjo more often, then once or even twice a month would be best.

Can I put guitar strings on a banjo?
Guitar strings tend to have a larger gauge, the banjos use fewer wound strings, and scale measures are quite different. You can’t really use any guitar string on any banjo since the gauge, tension, and wound varieties can seriously damage the instrument.

How do you change a banjo string?
We recommend consulting a specialist or go to a store if you are a beginner banjo player. However, there are some useful videos available on YouTube as well.

Final Verdict

After reading this best banjo strings for bluegrass guide, if you’re still confused about which strings are right for you, please reach out to us.
If you’ve been looking to purchase a new banjo or want to know more about banjos, please explore our galleries to find more articles on banjo.

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