9 Best Banjo Wall Hanger 2022 | Reviews and Comparison

One thing that country music lovers are most obsessed about is Banjos. 

The country boys love to sing around and travel across the land. 

But, while they take time off, where are they supposed to put their precious strings?

Most of the hardcore banjoists have their own set of favorite stands and wall mounts.

For all those newbies out there who are just starting and planning to drop some bills on the quality stand, wall mount hangers are quite a good choice for them to store the instrument securely.

However, with all those options for banjo wall hangers, good ones are hard to find.

So, we reviewed a bunch of mounts and listed the best ones out there for you. These can help you guys to get going and show off your stringed instruments on your walls.

These hangers also will work for other narrow neck stringed instruments such as guitars, mandolin, and ukulele.

Here is the list of Best Banjo Wall Hanger that we’ve reviewed for you:

  1. String Swing CC01K-BW
  2. Hardwood Guitar Wall Mount Hanger
  3. Guitar Wall Mount Wall Hanger 3 Pack Hook Black Metal
  4. Guitar Hanger Wall Mount Hook Holder Stand for Wall (1Pack-Black)
  5. 6 Pcs Guitar Hangers Keep Hook Holder Wall Mount for All Size
  6. Keebofly Guitar Wall Hanger
  7. Wall Mount Hanger Walnut 2-Pack
  8. Bikoney Guitar Wall Hanger [the U.S. Patent]
  9. Black Walnut Guitar Holder for Banjo
Best banjo wall hanger

Comparison Table for Best Banjo Wall Hanger

1String Swing CC01K-BWBlack Walnut5.3 ounces4.8
2Hardwood Guitar Wall Mount HangerHardwood & Metal10.5 ounces4.8
3Guitar Wall Mount Wall Hanger 3 Pack Hook Black MetalAll Steel14.6 ounces4.7
4Guitar Hanger Wall Mount Hook Holder Stand for Wall (1Pack-Black)All Steel5.9 ounces4.8
56 Pcs Guitar Hangers Keep Hook Holder Wall Mount for All SizePlastic2.3 ounces4.7
6Keebofly Guitar Wall HangerSolid Wood1.9 pounds4.5
7Wall Mount Hanger Walnut 2-PackPlastic  & Wood11.7 ounces4.7
8Bikoney Guitar Wall Hanger [the U.S. Patent]Solid Wood1.26 pounds4.5
9Black Walnut Guitar Holder for BanjoBlack Walnut & Metal10.5 ounces4.8

Things to Consider Before Buying

There are quite a few things you should consider before buying a wall hanger for your beloved and precious banjo. A short buying guide is given below –

Neck Support

The neck support is very important when it comes to banjo wall hangers. The neck and back part of a banjo is the parts that are directly exposed to the wall mount. So you should look for a banjo neck holder with rubber coating or foam padding. This way the banjo neck will be safe.


Just like any other product, durability plays a major factor while you are choosing the best banjo wall hanger. Wall hangers are usually not very costly. And that’s more the reason you should look for a quality product even if you have to pay a little more.

When you buy a banjo wall hanger, you have to spend a significant amount of time and effort from buying to till installation process. And when all that effort goes to drain after a few weeks or months, it’ll certainly not feel very good.

If you want to keep your banjo secure on the wall, you should go for a sturdy and durable wall hanger manufactured with quality material.

High-Quality Grip

A high-quality grip and a firm fit are a must when it comes to hanging your banjo on a wall hanger.

Otherwise even a wind breeze might make your banjo fall from the wall mount. This feature is even more important when you are living in an earthquake zone or an area prone to earthquakes.

1.String Swing CC01K-BW

Brand: String Swing


String Swing can be used for both guitar and banjo.

Recognized Brand: It’s one of the most recognized brands among banjo lovers. One of the oldest cradle manufacturers out there and trusted by over 10 million instrument owners globally. 

Their String Swing CC01k-BW holds up to their reputation.

Efficient Hook: The best thing about CC01k-BW is the U-shaped padded hook. The banjo must be lifted 2 inches before it can be taken out from the mount. This mechanism makes sure to hold your musical instrument even during earthquakes!

Dimension and Weight: The Wall mount has a dimension of 7.5 x 5 x 2 inches. In addition, its medium-lightweight of 5.3 ounces creates firmness throughout the banjo hangers. 

Well Designed: It’s based on a black walnut wood best suited for dark wooden walls.

Weight Capacity: For all those guitarists out there with fancy electric guitars having nonsymmetrical necks, CC01k-BW also pivots on the cradle hook making it able to hold those frictionlessly. In addition, thick and long screws on the wall hanger hold the hook firmly and distribute the guitar or banjo’s weight mostly on the walls, creating a balance overall. 

It can even carry an instrument weighing more than 15 pounds. That’s why it’s used in many guitar, ukulele, and banjo stores around the globe, making it stand on 27th bestselling gear and 2nd best guitar and bass stands in Amazon.


  • Easy to install.
  • Soft Rubber pads protect the banjo.
  • Hardwood material creates premium aesthetics.


  • The wooden design might not be preferable for some users.
  • Not suitable aesthetically on the wall with popping colors.
  • A little bit expensive compared to others.

2.Hardwood Guitar Wall Mount Hanger



Affordable: This wall hanger with a screw mount was made by a company called ‘Snigjat’, one of the cheapest solutions out there. This is more focused on the newbies starting with cheap gear and hesitant to have a wall mount with a hefty price tag. This might not be the best one out there, but this stands out among others with this price tag.

Convenient Design: The base of this banjo hook is crafted of natural solid wood, and the sturdy metal steel hooks have a soft cushioned sleeve to protect the surface of your favorite banjo from scratches. It has a beautiful hand feel and elegant style, and it’s perfect for exhibiting and guitars and banjos. Every beautiful banjo deserves the most fabulous wall hanger.

Safe Mounting: The V-shaped banjo wall mount bracket holder varies from generic ones. Owing to its well thought, it can tightly hold your instrument; you won’t have to worry about it falling off the hanger. The breadth of this hook attachment can save the banjo from rubbing against the wall, which can cause it to wear out. It is consistent with the Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar, the 6-String guitar, and the Mandolin Banjo.

Firm Installation: To firmly install diverse wall types, the kit includes two long screws and two sturdy drywall anchors. A screwdriver is required for setup, which is straightforward to implement and install in no time. On Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, and Thanksgiving, this is an excellent gift and present holiday option for sons, daughters, husbands, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, grandparents, parents, and friends who like playing musical instruments.


  • Cheaper than most others in the market
  • Medium-dark wooden holder
  • Comes 2 in a pack


  • Not quite premium.
  • Cheap Packaging
  • Some Banjos do not fit with it.

3.Guitar Wall Mount Wall Hanger 3 Pack Hook Black Metal

Brand: Sound Harbour


Affordable: This is another cheaper option anyone can get into. But the design seems more suited towards shop owners and music stores. 

Natural Looking: Its elegant all-black design makes the mount more neutral-looking, and the cradle follows the same. Thus, it blends in with any wall and focuses the viewer’s eye more towards the banjo or guitar than the holder itself. 

This will strongly complement your walls in your bedroom, living room, storefront, studio, along with fitting buttery smooth with your woods and strings.

Strong & Sturdy: It’s one of the all-steel-built products on the list. As its sole manufacturer, Good harbor tried to make it withstand fancy guitars and mandolins with extra weight. And its sturdy swivel yolk padded hooks make sure that your favorite instrument hanging on your wall has all the protection it needs in its narrow neck. 

In addition, its overall strength and elegant build material make it perfect for showcasing different types of instruments.

Dimension & Weight: The Wall Mount Wall Hanger has a dimension of 5.87 x 4.21 x 3.46 inches if we consider the numbers and weigh about 14.6 ounces, making it heavier than most other wooden options.

Package Includes: One whole pack of the product comes with three wall mounts with hooks, two screws for each, and pads for the cradles. And all of the hooks have a U-shaped design which prevents your string from falling off the wall. The curves are also designed as such to carry different types of instruments, from bass to ukulele.

Drop Protection: This would be a great addition to a music store’s start-up, guaranteeing complete drop protection. Screws that come with the hooks also show promises towards holding up to your heavy gears.

Directly buying it from the vendor will provide you with 30 days of replacement guarantee. So, if you change your mind anytime, feel free to return those.


  • Elegant minimalistic design
  • A proper curve on the U shape makes it a multipurpose tool.
  • 30 days replacement and refund warranty


  • A bit heavier 
  • Medium-thick foam padding
  • Not so premium
  • Sometimes the hooks can be a little hard to adjust.

4.Guitar Hanger Wall Mount Hook Holder Stand for Wall (1Pack-Black)



This model is more focused on slim guitars, banjos, and ukuleles. 

Dimension & Weight: It verifies my statement with its slim size of 5.2 x 4.17 x 2.32 inches. 

But don’t mistake its smaller design with incapability. This Wall mount hook comes with a full metal body with a weight of about 6 ounces. This strong metal body ensures the protection of your strings.

Damage Protection: The quality sponge on the outer layer also prevents your gear from scratches and any other damage while hanging. The hook is also made with different types of necks in mind, therefore comes with a pivoting functionality. 

Multipurpose: Even though it is a guitar and banjo hanger, it comes with backward compatibility with violin, cello which would make it more suitable in rehearsal space.

Great Support: The wall mount also has better support from the wall, vacating 4 long screws. This system allows it to hold and distribute the guitar and banjo mass on the hook and the wall itself. 

Four 3-inch screws are shipped with the package to hold the mount in place. From charismas to birthdays, this could be a viable choice for those who are trying to pick something up from the shelves for their banjoist friends. 

This product will help you decorate their wall with their favorite hobby.

Guaranteed Quality: Wood also offers 1 year of product guarantee and a deal of refunding the money without any hassle if the customers face any quality issues. It would be a safe bet for you guys, have second thoughts about this product. And for all the shop owners, it will be elegant for your store walls and help you highlight the best instruments in your whole setup.


  • 1 Year Refund warranty
  • 4-screw based wall mount
  • Pivoting mechanism
  • Slim design
  • Full Metal body


  • Might not be suitable for a thick-bodied instrument
  • The hook itself is on the heavier side

5. 6 Pcs Guitar Hangers Keep Hook Holder Wall Mount for All Size



Display: Best choice for people with a lot of banjos and mandolins for show. Shop owners would love this. One of the reasons is the bulk amount with single packaging. A slick movable hanger is the best option for light-weighted instruments like the ukulele.

Adjustable: The banjo wall hanger features adjustable arms, which are fitted with a mount with a metal bearing. This mechanism allows the user to move the arms accordingly to their choice. So, the hangers can work interchangeably between ranges of instrument neck size and types.

Lightweight: It’s made out of plastic in the lightweight goal in the mind with a weight of 2.3 ounces which makes it a perfect candidate for decorative walls with less strong material. The wall mount also can be fitted in custom-made instrument displays if that’s what anyone asks for. 

For all the banjoists and mandolinists, this would be worth their while.

Package Includes: The whole pack of hangers comes with 6 units of the hangers, 12 pieces of long screws with the size of two inches, and 12 screw holders. Screw holders also have firm spikes to create more grip toward the wall.

Interchangeable Size: Both the screws and screw holders are interchangeable to other sizes so that you can change to your custom holder and screws whenever you want.


  • Movable Arms
  • Comes in 6 pieces a box


  • A full plastic body makes it less strong
  • There is no U shape to secure your instruments
  • The sponge cushion is thin.

6.Keebofly Guitar Wall Hanger

Brand:  Keebofly


Eye Catchy & Decorative: These Keebofly Guitar Wall Hangers are very appealing when used as decorative items. They’re handy because you can use them to hold picks, tuners, capos, and other personal belongings on top of them, otherwise, you may use them to display lightweight photo frames, houseplants, or decorations.

The outcome is eye-catchy rustic art with your banjos dangling from them.

End Covers: Even though the wooden rods that hold the banjos are straight, which would often be a no-no for people with anxious personalities, they feature end covers that prevent the instruments from sliding off. In this sense, it is recommended not to put them in areas where the instruments may be knocked.

Capacity: The peak load that may be carried is 11 pounds. While it can carry electric and acoustic guitars, basses, mandolins, and ukuleles, please remember the weight restriction when adding decorative objects on the shelving. Because the gap between the rods is only around 2 inches, instruments with something like a broader neck may not fit.

Hardware: If you do have any major concerns with the anchors and screws, you can replace them with higher-quality hardware. Some users have reported receiving these without the hardware that was supposed to be included in the box. 

Manufacturing Techniques: The poles, such as the rest of the mount, are made out of wood. They’ve been sanded and smoothened to avoid scratching. If you feel the need to offer some cushioning for your guitar, you may do something DIY and wrap some safe foam or cotton protection around the shafts.

(This is something you’ll need anyway as you’ll need to create the mount).


  • Comes 2 in a pack
  • Made from aesthetically pleasing pine-hardwood
  • Built-in rack to hold picks and keys or any decorative item.
  • Can hold up to 11 pounds


  • Sometimes hardwires might not get shipped
  • Non-adjustable hooks make it not suitable for wider necked instruments
  • Some things have to be taken care of by the user (like cushion and hardware) which is a bummer

7.Wall Mount Hanger Walnut 2-Pack

Brand: Ohuhu


This is one of the hangers with a plastic wood aesthetic build.

Hardware: To get the most out of the hanger, you have to find a good anchor. They include more than enough screws and mounts. Even though they are good, it’s recommended to use hardware according to your wall type.

Capacity: The certified weight limit for this is 13 pounds. The stock hardware seems that way that it might fail to hold some of the heavier banjos and guitars on a certain type of walls. 

So, if you can take care of the mount, the rest is trouble-free.

Extra Protection: The curve in the hangers might not be the best, but it can do the job pretty well. However, for extra protection, a knob has been added at the end of the hooks. 

Adjustable: The stoppers can be adjusted accordingly on the size of your strings. A normal-sized banjo will have 4 inches of space from the wall. The hooks are also covered by rubber to create a protective barrier. Its sole purpose is to protect your instruments from scratches and dents.

Design Option: The design comes in a darker or lighter shade, giving the buyers an option to fit this product according to their wall and room design. This gives you one more reason to buy this product.


  • A stopper at the end for better security.
  • Comes in 2 packs
  • Leaves enough space from the wall.
  • The hook has a certification of 13 pounds


  • The mounts included are not the best in quality.
  • The padding on the hook is quite hard and might shift its spot exposing the metal part. 

8.Bikoney Guitar Wall Hanger [the U.S. Patent]

Brand: Bikoney


Multifunctional: Picks, capo, guitar slide, lead, and guitar strap all seem to have a spot. 

And like most people, if you want to hang your keys on this Bikoney Wall Mount for convenience, we won’t judge you either. We know that you might want to get that last bit of playtime in before rushing out the door.  You can use the shelf to showcase some light decorative objects.

Package Includes: 3 hooks, 1 guitar hanger, a shelf, and a pick rail were included in the box.

Positive Experience: Although the designer claimed that this is composed of solid hardwood for increased robustness, several customers have reported that the wood seems weak. People have generally had positive experiences with it and have successfully hung electric guitars from it.

Well Built: It’s built to handle guitars, bass guitars, mandolins, and banjos, among several other instruments. The hooks may be too small for instruments with a broader neck, such as vintage guitars. For any further security, the hanger is curved.

Scratch Protection: The manufacturer also mentioned some lint protecting the wood of the hanger, to preserve the guitar’s shine. Nonetheless, there have been a few reports of the hanger scratching the finish, but occasionally. 

The majority of the population, however, do not have this experience. You may use a cotton rag or create some DIY cushions to be safe. To complement your décor, pick from black, weathered grey, weathered walnut, carbonized black, grey, or white hangers.


  • U shape curve for the special protection of your instrument.
  • Multicolor offerings such as Black weathered grey and carbonized black.
  • Has a tray to store picks, keys, strings and can also be used for a decoration piece alternatively.


  • Used with a heavy guitar can be a little bit risky according to some people.
  • Have to use DIY cushioning.
  • The hanger might seem a bit narrow for some of the thick-necked instruments.

9.Black Walnut Guitar Holder for Banjo



One more addition from the ‘Snigjat’ on this list. 

Package Includes: This comes with 2 pieces of hangers, which are more focused on multiple instrument owners, unlike the other one.

Material: The hanger has a darker wood color with a building material of US-based walnut hardwood on the mount and metal on the hook for more persistency. So, it can be considered to be more on the heavier side. 

Unique Design: The mount is designed to look like a guitar head. Some might prefer it, some might not. But one has to admire the craftsmanship of those. All of the mounts are handmade, which gives the design a vibe of “human touch”.

Mechanism: As for the mount, they all come with a v shape to have a better grip on the instrument. The cradles also have a pivoting mechanism, providing another safety and protection feature on your beloved instrument. 

End Stopper: The end of the hook also has a stopper for that extra care of your banjo, so that, while you rush on going out, you will not scratch or dent your banjo accidentally.

Dimensions: The mount has 5.2 x 4.17 x 2.32 inches as for the dimensions. 

It weighs 10.2 ounces. It feels pretty solid even with this slim body. 

Strong & Sturdy: The wood back and metal hook feel more reliable than most other hangers on the list. But the foaming in cradle hooks might feel too soft for some people, which can be a good or bad thing depending on the case. So, considering all, this might be a great choice for all the studio owners.


  • Premium wood back design
  • Pivoting V-shaped hook’


  • On some units, the mount might feel a little loose.
  • Installation is a little bit overwhelming.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Is It Bad To Hang Banjo on The Wall?

The banjo neck is created to withstand more force. If compared to some other ways to store a banjo, hanging it on a wall is more suitable. Hanging the instrument doesn’t create any extra pressure on the woods, protecting both the strings and the body.

  1. Is It Bad To Hang Banjo by The Neck?

Just like guitars and any other string-based instruments, banjos also can be stored on a wall by a hanger on the neck. It might surprise a lot of people, but the stings of a banjo with the wooden neck in the banjo body can handle 20-35 pounds of weight without breaking a sweat. 

But then again, the exact number can be more dependant on the banjo and its materials.

  1. What Is The Best Way To Store a Banjo?

Even though stands and wall hangers might be easier, the best way would be a cushioned case. The most generous thing about a case is, it’ll protect your banjo from dirt and minor scratches. But then again, it will create inconvenience for those frequent travelers. 

Moreover, there is no way anyone can showcase their instrument while using a case, and that might be a turn down for a lot of people.

  1. Are Wall Mounts Bad For Guitars?

Even though there is no scientific’ Universally true’ answer, but checking a lot of users and also using different types of hangers for a couple of years, we can gladly say a big ‘NO’. 

But there are some key points to be considered before choosing one. 

Some guitar has nitrogen/nitrate-based polishing, which can react with some material of foam cushioning on wall hanger hooks. So, it’s better to check on that, before using one for a long time.

  1. Can You Hang a Trumpet On The Wall?

Although banjo hangers can’t afford this much weight, there are specialized wall mounts and hangers for trumpets that can easily showcase their bronze trumpet. Moreover, the wall also has to be strong enough to support the wall mount to carry the trumpet. The hardware has to be capable enough as well.

  1. How Do You Hang an Instrument On The Wall?

The best way to hang an instrument on a wall is by using a particular hanger for the particular instrument. But most of the hangers use a screw-based design. 

So, to install all those, you will be needing a drill and some other hardwire. One can go to a shop with this problem and might get appropriate suggestions and help for this kind of work.

  1. Guitar Hanger Vs Guitar Stand, Which One is better?

Judging by the usability, both have their pros and cons. A stand can be more stable with a wider base on the floor. But it also can be easily knocked over accidentally too. 

On the other hand, a guitar hanger might not have this kind of issue. Pairing with a pivoting hook and a long enough stopper, it might be a more secure option. 

Again, in some cases, the stand would look more aesthetically pleasing.

Alternative for Best Banjo Wall Hanger

Any of the products described above can get stock out. What’ll you do then?

We have created an alter list of products for this kind of situation –

Orgrimmar Guitar Wall Mount
Guitar Wall Hanger Mount Stand
Guitar Wall Mount with 2 Rotatable Rubber Hook
Plywood Guitar Wall Mount Holder 
Guitar Wall Mount with Shelf
Guitar Wall Mount Hanger 4 Pack (All Size)

Recommendation & Conclusion

We hope that this article was helpful and provided all the necessary information you need to make an informed decision.

The list provided in this article is the best available options you can find in the market. But our editor’s picks would be the “String Swing CC01K-BW” being a single purpose and the “Bikoney Guitar Wall Hanger” being the best multipurpose wall hanger.

For the string swing, a long history of the brand’s good name paid off as it is both aesthetically pleasing and strong enough to hold your fanciest, heavily built guitar without any damage, dents, and scratches.

On the contrary, the Bikoney wall hanger has an extended tray attached which creates significant convenience for everybody by making space for picks, keys, or any other utility. But, considering other cases, one might choose different products from the list according to their need, which would still be a win-win.

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