Best Plectrum Banjo Reviews of 2022

Picking out the best plectrum banjo can be annoying, especially for a beginner. You need to count different lengths, styles, and strings. Indeed, even when you limited it down to a plectrum banjo, you have options. While picking the best plectrum instrument you actually have a wide number of choices open to you!

The banjo is quite a diverse and fun instrument to play that players have embraced to various styles of music and made changes in accordance with traditional instruments to satisfy their needs.

At a Glance – Top Plectrum banjos on the Market

  • Best Overall Plectrum banjo – Gold Tone CC
  • Best Budget plectrum banjo – Rover RB- 20P
  • Best Value Plectrum banjo – Goldtone PS-250

In this guide, we will cover various things that you should know and think about when buying a plectrum banjo. And then there will be a review of each instrument you should consider in 2022.
Before we get to that, however, what is the plectrum banjo? What is the tuning for a plectrum banjo?

best plectrum banjos

How to Identify a Plectrum Banjo?

The plectrum banjos are regularly 22 frets and are basically the same as a 5 string banjo without the drone string. Plectrum banjos are tuned to drop C tuning, that is C, G, B, D, and is often found in the possession of a jazz player. They are normally played with a flat-pick that is used to be known as a plectrum, after giving the instrument its name.

The guitar players likewise will in general get this instrument if they don’t pick a 6 string banjo. While they do, it is tuned to D, G, B, E (Chicago tuning) so they can play it like the most elevated four notes of a guitar.

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Best Plectrum Banjo Reviews of 2022

If you are new to this line of items and have no clue about what kind of plectrum banjo to consider, we are here to guide you. Underneath, you can discover a list of top plectrum banjos that, are worthy of your consideration. Along these lines, continue to peruse and choose the one you like!

Gold Tone CC-Plectrum Banjo (Four String, Maple), Natural

Gold-Tone has been manufacturing probably the best plectrum banjos and other string instruments available. They consider every base, starting from beginner, more affordable banjos to halfway and professional level instruments. Their capacity to combine progress with the vintage configuration is the thing that keeps them going for quite a long time.

Their CC-Plectrum Cripple Banjo is a staggering instrument that we would recommend to any player. It is probably the best banjo in its price range by joining quality craftsmanship, tone wood, and functional equipment.

This brand knows how to manufacture instruments that follow through on the best sound and playability. With their CC-Plectrum the brand went with a 13-inch maple resonator and maple neck. This 12 bracket banjo has 22 frets attractive blackwood fingerboard with snowflake inlays. The natural glossy finish highlights the shading of the wood and allows the wood to relax.

The removable resonator makes this instrument flexible and more attractive for banjo players who would prefer not to purchase two separate banjos. The dark ABS binding and Gold Tone engraved armrest add to the generic stability and vintage look of the instrument. With everything taken into account, the construction of this banjo offers exceptional comfort, ease of playing, and grand looks!

CC-Plectrum comes with a double-way flexible truss rod that will permit you to change the neck angle and make your tuning easier. The typically formed headstock keeps the fair weight of the instrument and beds delightful maple veneer. On the headstock, you will see sealed guitar-style tuners that are easy to use on any occasion and keeps the tune really well.

Dropping a bit down, you will see maple connect with the ebony cap. The string is quite alright, there will never be anything too special about the strings that the instrument is delivered with. The action is great; it is low enough for open to playing but not very low. The string spacing is somewhat wide for many players.

Gold-Tone manufactures a lot of instruments, they have a wide range of ukuleles, guitars, mandolins, etc. While there are certainly more top and expensive banjos available, the Gold Tone CC-Plectrum is probably the best banjo if you want a high-quality banjo at a mid-price point.


  • Great craftsmanship
  • Good action & bridge
  • Great volume


  • Huge spacing between strings
  • Might be expensive for beginners

Rover RB-20P Plectrum Open back 4 String Banjo

The Rover RB-20P is a type of banjo that is a good choice for price-sensitive customers!
The composite 11-inch rim is similar to what you will see on the tenor banjos available on the market. This plectrum banjo comes with a metallic dark finish, which actually stands out, mainly when combined with the Vega-style armrest. The neck is also made of quite similar construction using mahogany with a rosewood fretboard. This mixture is found on a variety of stringed instruments, which functions admirably.

Rover RB-20P is a great choice for the banjo player who is searching for a decent beginner instrument that is made with decent quality. It is unquestionably the best budget plectrum banjo available on the market.


  • Mahogany neck
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Guitar style tuners
  • Great plectrum banjo at a reasonable price range


  • Composite rim

Gold Tone PS-250 Plectrum Special Plectrum Banjo (Four String, Vintage Brown)

Goldtone PS- 250

Far beyond anyone’s expectations, this plectrum banjo is the most expensive banjo on our list. For what reason did we include it? This is because that we needed to highlight a plectrum banjo for the genuine intermediate player looking for an update from their original strings!

In spite of the number of strings your last banjo had; if you are changing to a plectrum banjo and searching for a strong instrument, the Gold Tone PS-250 has all the nature of the cripple creek. This plectrum banjo brings a multiply maple edge, maple neck, and a rosewood fingerboard to offer the best tone.

The PS-250 is a staple of the Gold Tone line for its great tone, punch, and sustainability. It will make any banjo player smile. This is a decisive instrument for any authentic player about picking 4 strings. If the price range is not an issue, then this banjo is one of the best plectrum banjo on the list for sure!


  • Perfect tone with punch
  • Maple rim & neck
  • Vintage design
  • 14-inch maple resonator
  • Advanced quality


  • Few customers have faced issues with shipping

Is it Possible to Convert a 5-string banjo to a Plectrum Banjo?

The tuning relies on what type of 4-string plectrum you want to use. Is it tenor or plectrum? If you want to convert it to plectrum, you can just tune the 4th down to a C (from open G), and then you are all set!

Tenor Tuning
Requires a shorter neck, you might have the option to get good outcomes by using a capo at the 3rd fret.
Plectrum Tuning
Is similar to 5 string tuning with the exception of having no 5th string and the base D being tuned to C.

Based on what tenor style you are keen on, and that may have an effect on the way you approach a conversion.

Final Verdict

Now you have some great essential information about plectrum banjos out there and identify the best one. There is no basic method in showing up at the best plectrum banjo for your requirements and budget. Remember, you have fingers and ears to be the ultimate judge.

One idea is to search for the best instrument that falls inside your budget. A poorly made banjo is difficult to play and the tune is probably going to debilitate even the most passionate player.

Pursuing professional and online reviews of different plectrum banjo models can be useful in pinpointing the right instrument. You will likewise discover many user reviews from fellow artists and banjo players the same as you read our plectrum banjo reviews.

We want you to be satisfied with your banjo buy, so wishing you all the best!

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