How much does a Banjo cost? Find the best for your budget!

How much does a Banjo cost? Find the best for your budget!

Purchasing your first banjo can be an energizing and extraordinary event for artists of any level. However, you might end up asking yourself, ” How much does a banjo cost?” or ” How much do I need to pay for a beginner banjo?”

Both of these questions are significant points to consider while picking a new banjo. To support you and other new learners through this issue, we have composed this article to help you realize the amount you should pay for your first banjo, and what you will be getting for it.

A banjo is a stringed instrument with a bit of animal skin or plastic stretched over a rounded frame. There are 4 string banjos, 5 string banjos, 6 string banjos and many more

Banjos are pretty direct when it comes to their price range. You get what you paid for it. The price of a new banjo reflects its quality. Try not to lose hope right now, this does not imply that you need to go above your budget to find a decent instrument. Nowadays, instruments at an affordable price range, are both well-made and playable, and there are a lot of options when it comes to beginner banjos. The initial phase in picking a banjo is to comprehend what sort of music you like to play.

What are the Prices of the Banjos?

The price range of the banjos can vary depending on the models and brands. So if you are new into the world of banjos and you are asking yourself How much does a banjo cost for new learners, then do not worry because we are about to dive deeper into the price ranges of the banjo.

A banjo is going to cost anywhere between $50 – $3,000 on average. For those who have started to play the banjo, a beginner’s kit with a lower-end model would be priced between $150 – $300 and it would surely be a decent purchase in case you are not sure you will stick with it or not. 

How much does a Banjo cost

A decent mid-range banjo should cost between $300 – $425.  I definitely recommend you to drop between $700 – $950 on a quality banjo such as the Deering Goodtime Banjo if you can afford it. It will be flawless, have an incredible sound, and it will last for a lifetime regardless of whether you are a weekend warrior or a professional musician.

As for the experts, you can custom build a banjo to your liking for between $2,000 – $3,000. This alternative is held for the most genuine artists, and unless you are a performer routinely touring, performing and recording, a custom-built banjo might not be a suitable option for you.

The prices of the banjos can also depend on which type of music you are going to play. Here are some of the prices:

  • Bluegrass Banjo: $400 – $1000+
  • Folk Music Banjo: $400 – $1000+
  • Country Music Banjo: $200 – $1000+
  • Clawhammer Banjo: $300 – $1000+

Prices of these banjos can also vary on whether it is an open back or a resonator-type. Here are their prices: 

  • Open Back Banjo: $300 – $1000+
  • Resonator Banjo: $300 – $1000+

As you can see, there are many banjos at various price ranges according to their types and brands. It may seem difficult to choose from and you might be thinking how much should you spend. The good thing is that it is not that hard to decide once you learn a little bit more about the banjo itself.

Deciding How Much You Should Spend on a Banjo

Choosing the amount of money, you should spend and create a budget may appear to be an overwhelming task at the beginning. However, after you figure out what type of banjo do you need in order to learn the kind of music you want to learn, it becomes an easy task. There are some factors that can decide the budget for you. Here are some important points that you should consider:


If you are a novice and have never played or taken lessons for any other instruments at all, you should start with a beginner’s kit since that is the best option for you.

Beginner’s kits contain the basic items you would need to get started with the banjo, including a strap, picks, an instructional book with some music for beginners, a bag or a case, a tuner and obviously a banjo. 

While these packs are relatively costly, they provide a decent value as you are getting so many extra items. You can get a cheap, moderately good quality unit at $300 or something like that, and they usually go on sale which means you will get them at even a cheaper price.


In case you have been already playing the banjo for a couple of years, and you are hoping to buy your second or third banjo, you most likely don’t need to bother with the beginner’s banjo kits and you can buy a banjo made of a higher caliber. 

All you need to do is search for a trustworthy band.

Banjo brands, for example, Huber, Goodtime, and Fender use parts that will last a lifetime and give you a truly playable instrument.

Most of the parts to inspect cautiously when you are looking for a banjo includes the tuning pegs, the neck, and the bridge. 

A mid-level banjo can be bought within a price range of around $400 to $1,000, depending on the name of the brand, the instrument’s quality, and the country where it was manufactured in.


If you’re a professional banjoist with a lot of experience in playing the banjo, you may be in the market for a top-notch banjo. 

You might even wish to have a custom banjo built for you to suit your particular needs. 

Or on the other hand, you may choose to change course completely and balance your banjo collection by buying an electric banjo. 

Whether you want a custom-built banjo or an electric one, premium banjos are costly.

How much does a banjo cost? Indeed, the appropriate response relies on you, but the appropriate thing to do is to buy the best one that your budget permits you to afford. Going under or above your budget could be disadvantageous.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of whether you have a banjo teacher or not, or any instructional videos on how to play the banjo, the most important thing you’ll require is obviously a banjo. 

Purchasing a banjo comparative with your banjo playing abilities is fundamental to improving and saving as much as cash as possible.

In case you’re a new learner, you would most likely prefer not to spend a ridiculous amount of money and if you’re an expert, you need a high quality banjo that is worth the price.

Best Gold Tone Banjo Review of 2020

Best Gold Tone Banjo Review of 2020

The Gold-Tone was established by Wayne and Robyn Rogers, who work it right up till now. While providing the best gold tone banjo reviews, we care about you and the player. Any individual who has ever possessed a Gold Tone instrument is really important for us.

Many people believe that banjo and guitar are similar in their playability and construction. However, if you invest time playing the banjo, you will come across that there is an enormous difference. Playing the banjo is an exciting challenge for performers considering everything. Purchasing the best banjo brands for you is quite tough except if you have the correct gold tone banjo reviews. In this article, we have come with the best gold tone banjo reviews of 2020. 

Our Top Picks 

Gold-Tone CC-100R Cripple Creek Banjo  

The Gold Tone CC-100R Banjo is among the best banjos in gold tune banjo reviews. This gold-tone banjo has a maple neck and resonator. The tone ring of this banjo is produced using maple and it has a brass truss rod as well. Aside, the CC-100R Banjo comes with double way customizable tailpiece. 

This gold-tone banjo has a black neck tying with wavy maple headstock cover and low string activity, which gives an excellent playing experience. The resonator is incredible for delivering high and brilliant sounds. The interesting thing of this banjo is that it tends to be converted into open back banjo as well to generate rich and warm sound. 

Gold-Tone CC-100R Cripple Creek Banjo  

Gold Tone CC-100R Banjo has 5-strings with tuning machine that allows you to tune the banjo easily. This offers you excellent sound and tune. The banjo is lightweight as it weighs simply 6.5 pounds. The armrest permits you to have upheld while playing the banjo. This spares your shoulder from getting stressed and permits you to hold it for a long time. 

You can also have a separate case for preserving your banjo. It allows you to move it easily and keep it away from dust and water.


  • Neck: Blond Slender Rock Maple
  • Frets: 22 Pressed in Nickel Silver
  • Inlays: Hardwood Bow Tie
  • Tuners: Sealed Geared (Incl. 5th String)
  • Neck Finish: Satin
  • Peg head: Satin Deering Fiddle Shaped
  • Rim: Blond 3-ply Violin Grade Maple
  • Tension Hoop: Steel
  • Head: 11-Inch Frosted Top High Crown
  • Bridge: 5/8-Inch Maple / Ebony Goodtime
  • Tailpiece: Deering Patented Goodtime
  • Finish: Satin
  • Back Style: Open back
  • Neck Width at Nut: 1 1/4 Inches
  • Scale: 26 1/4 Inches
  • Rim Diameter: 12 Inches
  • Overall Instrument Length: 37 1/2 Inches
  • Warranty: 6 Years 


  • Maple Rim, Headstock and Neck
  • 2 Way Truss Rod
  • Low Action Strings
  • Brass Tone Ring
  • Over 7000 units sold to beginners universally! 


  • Expensive 

Gold Tone CC-50 Beginners Open Back Banjo 

If you are looking for a high-quality and durable gold tune banjo review, then this Gold Tone CC-50 Beginners Open Back Banjo will make you love to play this open-back banjo. Let’s look at some features of Gold Tone CC-50 Beginners Open Back Banjo – 

The look of this banjo is quite elegant due to its right sound vintage brown finish. The banjo looks very attractive in light of this brown finish. 

The Gold Tone CC-50 banjo has a walled resonator that is useful for generating incredible sounds. This banjo also gives a variety regarding grinding tuner and harmonies. 

goldtone banjo review
Goldtone cc-50 Bginner open back banjo

This gold tune banjo brings some great planetary tuners. This banjo has a large central gear. Additionally, there are smaller gears that rotate around the previous one. These little gears have a major effect in the contribute of string and tune.

When you will buy this banjo, it is prepared to play and you don’t have to make any further installation. Hence, this melodic string banjo offers incredible playability sound even from the beginning. 

If you are searching for a banjo that offers stability and quality, then Gold Tone CC-50 Beginners Open Back Banjo is something that you have been searching for. You will discover this extraordinary banjo powerful and easy to play for the expert’s maple resonator as well as beginners.


  • Neck: Maple
  • Fingerboards: Blackwood
  • Bridge: Maple with Ebony cap
  • Tone: Ring Rolled Brass
  • Rim: Multi-ply maple
  • Bag: Included
  • Finish: Vintage brown Satin
  • Tailpiece: 5-String Terminator
  • Number of Frets: 22
  • Nut Width: 1-3/16″ Bone. 


  • This banjo is very easy to play. There aren’t any extra instructions needed to play it.
  • Its authentic and clear sound is better than some expensive Banjos. 
  • The look is very nice and its design is very distinct from the old banjos.
  • It’s very lightweight. Easy to handle events.
  • This banjo comes with extra protection that does not get damaged while shipping or travelling.   


  • This banjo does not come with a resonator attached.
  • The feature of brackets seems missing in this banjo. 

Deering Goodtime Banjo 

While doing gold tune banjo reviews, we have found one of the great options that is the Deering Goodtime Banjo. It includes a slim rock maple neck with fixed geared tuners and 3-ply maple edge. The Deering Goodtime banjo is of closed-back style with single bound maple resonator. It is useful for offering an incredible projection of sound. 

During the construction of the Deering Banjo, high-quality materials are used. This makes Deering banjo strong and robust to support regular usage. This banjo is very durable and will last for a long time. The head of the banjo is around 11 inches. 

Besides, this banjo has a blonde slim maple neck with 22 nickel frets. The geared tuners will give you to have transparency in the note separation. The nickel-plated armrest will give too much comfort while playing the banjo. The nickel-plated equipment adds a decent touch to the body of the Deering banjo. 

goldtone banjo review
deering goodtime banjo

The Deering Goodtime Banjo has 5-strings and offers simple tuning. It guarantees you can get high and low notes with no trouble. The Goodtime Banjo includes a characteristic blonde maple with a glossy silk finish. The brilliant and warm tone of the resonator sounds great. The slim and speedy playing neck gives the Goodtime banjo easy to play. The Goodtime Deering Banjo is also ideal for travelling due to its lightweight. 


  • Blond Slender Rock Maple Neck
  • 22 Pressed in Nickel Silver Frets
  • Hardwood Bow Tie Inlays
  • Sealed Geared Tuners
  • Geared 5th String Tuner
  • Durable Satin Finish
  • Deering Fiddle Shaped Peg head 
  • Blond 3-ply Violin Grade Maple Rim
  • Steel Tension Hoop
  • 11″ Frosted Top High Crown Head
  • 5/8″ Maple/Ebony Goodtime Bridge
  • 16 Flat Hooks with 9/32″ Nuts
  • 16 Bracket Shoes with Screw Attachments
  • Deering Patented Goodtime Tailpiece
  • Steel Coordinator Rod for Adjustments
  • Durable Satin Finish
  • Open-back
  • Case sold separately 


  • The versatile ring tone offers to generate different tones and chords of different genres. 
  • Deering Goodtime 5 Strings Banjo went through several tests by the professionals to prove itself as a high-quality banjo.
  • The slim will help you to play with small or large hands with comfort on the entire fingerboard.
  • 3-plied maple rim is a drum part of providing the great sound of Goodtime Rims over a Standard 11-inch Diameter Rim.
  • The tailpiece is easily flexible and very strong to maximize or minimize your high-quality playing tones. 


  • Expensive compared to the other banjos for practice
  • Only comes with the banjo 

Set Up Your Gold Tone Banjo 

Each instrument begins with inspection for anything that doesn’t hold up to standards. The interaction that a player has with a banjo is through the neck. It is the place the ‘vibe’ of the instrument originates from that is the reason special consideration is necessary. Each neck makes sure that there are no twists and cleaned with steel wool and oil-molded to give a reliable vibe and finish.  

The bridge is necessary to move the energy from the strings to the body whether it’s a banjo or guitar. Ensuring the bridge is appropriately fitted to the head gives the best volume and tone. Providing the best tuning, this permits the instrument to deliver the right note. This is the reason why the sound is set at the bridge.  

How effectively an instrument plays is the most significant factor while setting up your gold-tone banjo. Making the banjo play impeccably from the first fret to the end of the fingerboard is quite complicated. The neck relief is adjusted so the entirety of the strings can clear the fret wire without buzzing. Both of these changes joined with the proper bridge height, generates incredible feel, tone and delight. 

Gold tone banjo Review: Final Verdict 

Our top gold tone banjo reviews that we have covered above are not only for the beginners but also for the professionals. If you want to purchase a banjo or want to learn gold tune banjo, these 3 models are the best banjos that you should not miss for the give you a delightful experience and you will inspire and bring others to music.

Ibanez b50 vs Ibanez b200 banjo: Which One is the Best?

Ibanez b50 vs Ibanez b200 banjo: Which One is the Best?

If you need a new creative hobby, playing an instrument is the best thing ever. One of the loveliest instrument in the stringed family is the banjo. 

However, finding the best banjo brands before you completely realize how your instrument functions can be very tough, particularly if you are not actually sure what you intend to do all that you do with your instrument. 

Fortunately, most brands of banjo for beginners are at an affordable price range and delivers incredible banjos. 

Before you make a decision about your banjo, you need to think about what you plan to achieve with your instrument.

Do you want to play the banjo live? Which type of banjo music do you like? Perhaps bluegrass? What genre of music would you say you are hoping to play with your banjo? What number of strings would you like your instrument to have? Do you incline toward a tenor banjo? 

These are some of the questions that you should ask yourself before settling on a banjo because according to your answers, we can recommend a banjo that suits you.

There are a lot of brands for banjo but Ibanez is one of the finest. Ibanez is a brand that has been around since 1957 and is notable for creating acoustic guitars. Most of the instruments that Ibanez produces are at reasonable prices. Two of the most popular banjos from Ibanez are the Ibanez b50 and the Ibanez b200.

In this article, we are going to compare them in an Ibanez b50 vs Ibanez b200 banjo topic and we are going to describe the pros and cons of each instrument while giving you proper guidance to find out which one should you buy out of the two.

Ibanez b50 banjo: The Banjo for beginners?

As it is under $300, Ibanez’s B50 resonator banjo is a more affordable option for new learners than their B200. The Ibanez closed back banjo is more affordable than the B200 in light of the fact that it provides less frills, yet at the same time has a similar sound integrity as their pricy B200. 

The B50 is extraordinary compared to other beginner level banjos available and gives individuals, who are on a small budget, with an incredible option. Though you don’t have to spend a lot on this banjo, you will get a top notch sound from the B50.


Ibanez b50 has a regular banjo shaped body made of the mahogany base with Remo 11″ head and 24-bracket rim around the top. The bridge section includes a rosewood bridge and a trapezoid tailpiece installed behind it. 

The neck is built using mahogany and it is set-in. The neck is topped off with a rosewood fingerboard. The things that are featured on the fretboard are 22 frets, 1.18″ nut width, flat radius and dot position markers. 

Tuners offer chrome plating and open-gear construction. 26-3/16″ scale finishes the spec sheet.


  • Has a professional design
  • Incredible sound quality compared to other budget instruments
  • Has dot position markers that help to keep track of the placement of frets
  • Attractive finish
  • One of the best banjos under $300


  • Has problems with quality control
  • The sound quality is not as excellent as it could be (because of the Mahogany-constructed body)

Ibanez b200 banjo: Perfect balance?

The Ibanez B200 Banjo is more of a nostalgic memory of a simpler era.  It reminds of the time before every hair bands put Ibanez on the map as a maker of metal weaponry.  Ibanez was a well-respected banjo manufacturer. Ibanez is now back in the banjo business. 

While the B200 doesn’t offer the top-notch materials and construction that most expensive brands may offer, it presents incredible value for those looking for a balance of astonishing sound and attractive appearance.  When it comes to Ibanez b50 vs Ibanez b200, the Ibanez b200 is more versatile and balanced.

Ibanez b200 banjo


The B200 has a basswood rim, a rolled brass tone ring, along with a tuneful mahogany bowl. The smooth-playing neck, along with its stunning pearl fingerboard inlay, also takes advantage of Ibanez’s significant experience with designing shredtastic guitars. It has a steel tension hoop with a 24-piece bracket. It also provides aa dual Coordinator Rod construction. It has a high gloss finish and offers chrome banjo tuners.


  • Has a polished and shiny finish.
  • Thorny inlays in the design of a vine are magnificent.
  • Provides powerful, solid sound.


  • Mahogany used in creating the wood components provides a less refined tone than maple.
  • Heavier than other banjos with resonators.
  • More expensive than other instruments with better sound quality

Final Verdict

The answer to the Ibanez b50 vs Ibanez b200 debate depends on which one fits your needs better. If you just started learning to play the Banjo, then Ibanez b50 is better suited for you. On the other hand, Ibanez b200 provides perfect balance for all banjo lovers, with a fabulous design and provides incredible sound.

If you have a tight budget, then you should go for the Ibanez b50 as it is much more affordable. While the Ibanez b200 has quite a price tag, it still offers stability and astonishing sound.

Kentucky KM 650 Mandolin Review: Your deluxe model

Kentucky KM 650 Mandolin Review: Your deluxe model

If you are searching to get a new musical instrument, getting the best mandolin will be an extraordinary and pleasant decision. If you have chosen to look for such a thing yet don’t have the opportunity to go to visit many music stores, then this article is for you. Following and experiencing a lot of mandolin reviews ourselves, we have reached at the decision that one of the most famous mandolins is the Kentucky KM 650 mandolin. After reading our Kentucky KM 650 mandolin review, you would consider getting one.  

We will be taking a look at the materials used, the construction quality and the tone and playability. Kentucky has been making mandolins for near 40 years. Throughout the years, Kentucky has made models from The KM-140 as far as feasible up to the KM-5000.


Kentucky KM 650 Mandolin – Anatomy 


With regards to great mandolins, Kentucky leads the route at each price point The recently upgraded KM-650 mandolin has all the most attractive professional features that any performer should be impelled but is estimated for any budget plan.

The high-end tone woods and precise gesture to detail by master luthiers guarantee easy playability and top-notch tone in a classically designed mandolin. 

The Kentucky KM 650 mandolin is the beginning of their Florentine Model mandolins. The F-Model mandolins add a touch of emotion to the instrument with their scroll on the body, peg head and the two points on the body just as the fancier peg head design.

The Standard version has similar materials as the standard series of the A-Style mandolins with the additional Florentine styling.  

Kentucky KM 650 Mandolin review

All Kentucky mandolins gain by the years of involvement making instruments at the highest levels at more reasonable prices. Similar conventional methods and advancements to capitalize on the materials and better playability are applied for unmatched quality and consistency. 

Focusing on Kentucky KM 650 mandolin’s playability and tone without reducing material quality, the rosewood is used for the fingerboard and bridge. Precise metal-plated and fixed tuners complete these fine instruments.

Kentucky KM 650 mandolin comes with a skillful finish and secured by a slight, but breathable clear coat that looks extraordinary, which gives durability that will keep going for a long time.

After Kentucky KM 650 mandolin review, we can say these mandolins are the ideal option for expert or beginner players who is serious to play the mandolin.

Kentucky KM 650 is designed and priced to keep up the delicate balance of quality materials, outstanding playability, and tonal perfection that can be found nowhere in a single instrument.  

From the start, the name Kentucky has been viewed as excellent compared to other quality brands of mandolins available. The Kentucky KM-650 mandolin has all the features one would discover on any vintage instrument pricing thousands more. 

Kentucky KM 650 mandolins are handmade, high-performance proficient quality instruments priced precisely for the working artist. By making all Artist mandolins in a similar workshop as the highest level instruments, techniques and design developments are shared to guarantee ideal playability and tone is accomplished without bargain.


  • A great instrument at a good price 
  • You will love the sound quality and it’s nice to play 
  • Great for a beginner/learner 
  • Tremendous tonal quality
  • A good instrument with a few caveats



  • People complained about bad neck joint
  • May not playable on arrival and the packing is poor

Kentucky KM 650 Mandolin review (FAQ)


Do you recommend KM 650 for radiused ebony fretboard and ebony bridge? 

  • Yes. Indeed, people choose KM 650 over KM-675 for that.  


Does the manufacturer set up the instrument while deliver? 

  • No, it is not set up by the manufacturer.  



What are the measurements of this instrument? 

  • 28.5 x 12.88 x 4.38 inches 


Is it A-style or F-style? 

  • It’s an A style mandolin.  



Can you tell me the weight of this product? 

  • 4 pounds. 


Final Verdict

Regardless of whether used for Blues, Country, Jazz, Rock or Swing, the Kentucky KM-650 mandolin has a style and sound that makes certain to be a hit with any guitar or mandolin player hoping to add another measurement to their playing style. From the first note, you will come across the boundless measure of tonal possibilities available and you will know why Kentucky KM-650 mandolin is the best value in a professional level mandolin in the market right now.

Rogue RM 100A Mandolin Review: Best purchase under $100

Rogue RM 100A Mandolin Review: Best purchase under $100

Mandolins won’t be your best option for an instrument if you are looking for something cheap. With most mandolins available at $300 and higher price, an affordable mandolin appears to be quite impossible. Although there are mandolins that cost $200, which are budget-friendly. What if you want to buy a mandolin under $100? The decision is not as huge among mandolins under $100 similarly as with ukuleles and guitars but there are a couple of cheap mandolins with a decent quality out there. If you are looking for a mandolin that is around $100, then this Rogue RM 100A mandolin review is for you. 

If you consider Gibson or Fender as a name brand instrument producer, you can consider Rogue their store image equal. Rogue specializes in taking time tested designs and making least-cost methods for assembling the instruments with low budget models of guitars, banjos, mandolins and ukuleles. 

With the most minimal costs available, Rogue is regularly the passage point for people looking to try a mandolin on a tight budget. While Rogue may not be the best brand of mandolin, but they strive a great level of quality at a low cost. 

Rogue RM 100A Mandolin – Anatomy


The Rogue RM-100A mandolin is an A-style mandolin. The A-style is great for learners and people who would prefer not to spend as much to buy an A-style mandolin. Because A-style mandolins are normally less expensive than F-styles.

Indeed, you may think whether F-style is a powerful mandolin or not; actually, it depends on personal preference. Me? I incline toward A-style. But we do highly recommend A-style mandolins for beginners.

The Rogue RM-100A mandolin features a maple neck with a well-polished rosewood fingerboard, which is simple to play. The F-hole and glossy finish make RM-100A look more rich and expensive while it’s cheaper.

If we have to choose a mandolin under $100, we will go for Rogue RM-100A mandolin that does a great job under this price. 

Rogue RM 100A Mandolin Review


Similar to the tone wood and construction, Rogue RM-100A mandolin features simple and fundamental hardware that probably won’t do magic but takes care of playing. The RM-100A instrument fits be an entirely simple one to deal with and keep up with the adjustable rosewood bridge and chrome tuning machines.

The tuners hold the strings quite well. While you may need to tune a few times than expected toward the starting. However, the more you play the mandolin the more you will get comfortable as well as the strings. However, we recommend you to change the strings immediately because they ruin the sound and playability.

We recommend changing strings on less expensive models since little details make a decent difference and might mitigate an average sounding mandolin to a more significant level. In this circumstance, it is true.  

Don’t worry! the string changing process is not that much complicated even if you are a beginner. If you still feel confused, some custom shops are available to do it for a small fee. 



To be honest, we did not expect a great sound from this mandolin. But after Rogue RM 100A mandolin review, we can say that at the cost you are paying for this mandolin, the RM-100A has a balanced tone and pleasant volume.


  • Thin, easy to play neck. Also, the adjustable bridge makes learning to play this mandolin quite easy
  • Great finish and color on the RM-100A mandolin. It does look professional. 
  • It offers a good level of quality considering the price
  • It enables you to try out the mandolin without investing too much money and to upgrade later.
  • Ideal learning instrument
  • Sturdy construction
  • The of the RM-100A is clear and resonant considering the price


  • Challenging to tune accurately
  • Playability is hurt by inequality in the frets and other design details
  • The design is dull if you want to stand out from the pack
  • Plays a laminate top, which may cause tone quality a bit tinny and does not match up with advanced instruments
  • The finish reduces from the tone quality
  • It does not have a truss rod, so if the neck warps with time the mandolin will be unplayable

Rogue RM 100A Mandolin Review (FAQ)

How much does this mandolin weigh?

  • 2.89 pounds.

Is this pre-strung?

  • It does some pre-strung, but you should be prepared to adjust the bridge a bit. 

If I need to buy it with a hard case, do you recommend one in amazon?

  • We know this cost about what the instrument charges, but it has held up nicely and is a hard shell. 

Does it have a place for the strap to connect to the bottom?

  • Yes, it does. 

What type of strings does it come with?

  • We believe they are Phosphor Bronze, Medium, 11-40. They are the good string to start with. 

Final Verdict 

There are other mandolins at this value range that offers as much as the RM-100A. This Rogue RM-100A mandolin is probably won’t be a pick for the best mandolins however, it additionally doesn’t cost much. With strong construction, simple to maintain mandolin and brilliant tone with pleasant volume, this Rogue RM-100A mandolin will be an excellent starter mandolin for beginners. It can be a great instrument as a travel partner.

Seagull S8 Mandolin Review: Why should you buy

Seagull S8 Mandolin Review: Why should you buy

A brand that has some top-selling best guitars available feels comfortable around making great string instruments. So it was expected that Seagull’s journey into mandolin industry is effective.

Their S8 model is quite adaptable in itself. Although it was not unexpected that they made a decent mandolin, but it is surprising how they came up with such a decent mandolin with no earlier history. 

Seagull has been known for variable design and Seagull S8 mandolin is the reflection of that. With a new look that gestures to tradition without being limited by it, it’s a mandolin that gets attention.  

Does it sound in the same as it looks?  Discover your answer by reading the detail Seagull S8 review.  

Seagull S8 Mandolin – Anatomy


When you are looking for a new instrument, the construction should be the primary priority. This includes a few details that you need to remember.  

Seagull S8 mandolin is a sleek, which is polished curved and dual cutaway. The strong Sitka spruce top with overlay maple body offers a solid and durable construction.  

You might expect this thin, delicate-looking model to be toyish, easily cracked, but you will be amazed once you get it how well the Seagull S8 mandolin is developed and rigid. The hand-completed maple neck experiences the body of the mandolin while providing it considerably more durability and solidness.

You will find Rosewood fingerboard with white dots inlays on the head of the neck. The semi-gloss consumed umber finish makes the look of Seagull S8 mandolin classic. This complete finish not only provides looks but also better tonality. In Seagull S8 mandolin review, we have found it is additionally accessible with a natural finish to have your pick. 



That non-traditional shape of the Seagull S8 mandolin cases it to feel unique in the hands. The slimmer design allows you less room on the soundboard. Most mandolin trainers would advise you not to rest your hand on the soundboard, yet that doesn’t prevent a few players from doing it.

If you cannot prevent from doing it, don’t worry! You will discover the mandolin simpler to hold with a strap. Most mandolin players prefer to use a strap, so this won’t be an issue. 

The wider fretboard will benefit any individual who finds the standard mandolin fretboard to be a little tight. If you are a guitar players or like to play with thick fingers will find Seagull S8 comfortable.

seagull s8 mandolin review

The dual cutaway design makes playing high up the neck quite simpler. The frets 12 to 15 are considerably more accessible than on a standard A-style and better than most F-styles. Overall, these features make Seagull S8 an incredible mandolin for soloing. 

We find Seagull S8 mandolin easier to set up with the truss rod. Setting up the action with the truss rod is particularly significant because the S8’s bridge is not adjustable in contrast to numerous mandolins. You can list both the bridge and the nut to cut the action down, but that would be useless.

The open-gathered tuners are simple to adjust and keep their tune well. The compensated saddle is a decent touch that helps pitch. While doing Seagull S8 mandolin review, we found the frets of are fashionable and well placed and intonation was spot on. 



While playing the Seagull S8 mandolin, you will come across that it’s loud. The curved soundboard makes this an incredible mandolin for jams. It is shockingly loud compared to its slimmer body. Some portion of that can be credited its tone, which is high-end heavy.

However, Seagull S8 is not the best mandolin for soft songs nor subdued playing. In the absence of low end, the tone is not that rich or complex. If you are seeking for a mandolin to play alone may find it thin. Since it projects very well in jams, we recommend Seagull S8 mandolin to any bluegrass or Irish/Scottish/Celtic mandolin players. The volume and splendid tone make S8 mandolin ideal for the melodic playing of a solo. The classical players who play solo might find Seagull S8 mandolin incredible travel instrument.


  • Sleek & solid build
  • Great appearance
  • Decent price


  • May take some time to settle in
  • Tusq nut is not the best material

Seagull S8 Mandolin Review (FAQ)

Does the Seagull Mandolin have an adjustable truss rod in the neck?

  • There is what seems to be a truss rod cover on the face of the peg head but it is below the strings so we have not removed it to see beneath. We see no sign of a truss rod while seeing in the sound hole. The neck is part of the back – design and seems to be very strong. Overall, the S8 appears very well made.

Does the S8 purchase include a gig bag or case?

  • In Canada, they provided a fitted bag for another $49. It can even be found on Seagull’s site. It features a handle, removable shoulder strap, two outer pockets, and a name tag holder on the carry side. 


Final Verdict 

While you found in our Seagull S8 mandolin review that it doesn’t have the most complex tone, but it performs well than the other mandolins at the same price. Furthermore, if you are searching for an electric mandolin, the Seagull S8 EQ is an excellent choice. Regardless of whether electric or acoustic, Seagull has made a decent job with the S8 line!