Now you have chosen learn to play the banjo. Possibly you would be asking yourself how to learn banjo? how long does it take to learn banjo? 

All things considered, this article is the correct landing page for you. In this free article, you will find all things that you need to know before learning a banjo. We will answer your question.  

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How long does it take to learn Banjo?

We would like to let you know that learning to play the banjo might take more time than you think. People may face struggling even the smallest tune that they feel cheerful offering to others inside half a month. 

You cannot simply jump into the banjo and hope to be running through tunes inside a few days. It’s better to expect many months before you can plan something for a genuinely fair standard. This is regardless of whether you can be categorized as one of the groups below. 

If you put your energy to learn and you play slowly, you might be able to tune simply in a few days. Then, you can only tune that is only a couple of notes and scarcely any chords. If you want to learn simple songs first, you are learning methods that you can use later on when playing your banjo. 

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Learning the banjo is like a mastering a skill. If you are determined to learn the banjo, then it may be 416-days of practice. It will take a long time to reach that point. We would agree to that; a decent 2,000-hours of practice should enable you to play the banjo without hardly lifting a finger. At that point, you will be at the “performance” level but not a professional one except if you are very talented. But it is rather enough to play a couple of tunes. 

To be able to play a few simple tunes easily or possibly begin to assemble a few tunes, it is likely just going to take 100-300 hours of committed practice. 

In case If You’ve played Stringed Instrument before…

If you have played a stringed instrument like guitar or bass before, then you will likely learn banjo quicker than someone who is simply beginning. 

How long does it take to learn Banjo

Since you are familiar with more complicated techniques like fretting, so learning the banjo would be easier for you than others. However, you will have to be working out how to move your hands around the banjo, but things will be familiar to you. While others are fighting with specific techniques, you can be a month ahead of them. 

Bear in mind that, even if you are simply playing for 5-minutes out of every day, this is more effective than someone who is playing the banjo for an hour once every month. 

Keep in mind while you are rehearsing, do the following if you want to learn faster: 

  • Concentrate on improving methods you have studied in the past
  • Include new methods

The latter is quite significant in case if you are still wondering how long does it take to learn banjo. If you are continually hitting over similar techniques, you won’t progress. 

In case If You’re familiar with banjo music… 

If you are familiar with banjo music, it can assist you with tuning in to banjo music more than often. We highly recommend watching videos on YouTube. We also recommend you to do something so you can get introduced with the banjo sounds. If you can get familiarized with banjo music, then you will find how certain sounds work collaboratively. This will make it simpler to get familiar with the instrument. 


Which hand to pluck the strings with?

  • Being a right-handed player, you need to play the strings your right hand by plucking, strumming, brushing or picking.

Which hand goes on the neck/fingerboard of the banjo?

  • Being right-handed, you need to use the left hand to touch the strings against the frets. Your left-hand should hold the neck of the banjo. 

If I’m left-handed, do I need a special banjo?

  • Yes, you may need a left-handed banjo.

 Being left-handed, how can I be sure I will be able to learn?

  • We recommend you to try some of the free video lessons on YouTube. 

My banjo doesn’t sound good, what can I do?

  • You need to put it into the tune. You can also watch free videos to learn how to tune a banjo, how long does it take to learn banjo.

What’s the easiest way to tune a banjo?

  • If you’re a beginner, you can use an electronic tuner to make learning banjo easier. 

How many ways are there of tuning the banjo?

  • In 3 ways you can achieve tuning a banjo: by ear, by using an electronic tuner, and by matching open strings with fretted strings. Utilizing one of these techniques, you can tune the banjo to a specific tuning. 

Final Verdict

When it’s about how long does it take to learn banjo, there are no fixed numbers of time. It can be harder to learn than you might assume. Everything relies upon your skills, objectives, and your commitment.