How Much Are Banjo Strings? | Tips for Beginners

Banjo is a stringed instrument with a soft membrane on a frame to resonate with the sound. It’s commonly made of plastic or from animal skin. 

The instrument is commonly used in folk music. But you can also see the usage of a banjo in rock, country, and hip-hop music.

If we look down in the history lane, we’ll find the use of banjos at Caribbean in the 17th century by the enslaved people from West Africa.

It came to North America in the 18th century. Banjos became vastly popular in the world in the 19th century as many enslaved people came to Europe with the instrument.

This wonderful instrument called banjo became very famous because of its melodious sound. It’s quite easy to play a banjo than to play guitar. A banjo usually has only five strings but there are also 4 and 6 string banjos. So, players find it quite easy to play.


How Much Does a Set Of Banjo Strings Cost?

The price range of a full set of banjo strings depends on the alloy you are wanting to buy. Generally, at around $50 you can buy a full set of a banjo string. But again, it depends on the alloy you are choosing.

Nickel-plated banjo strings will cost you around $50. If you choose to buy nylon strings you can buy them for around $6-$12. You can find steel-coated banjo strings starting at a price range of $7.99.

How Do You Choose Your Banjo Strings?

You can choose your banjo strings depending on your comfort, budget, and your desired sound. It is often asked by a banjo artist by the beginners that how they should select their banjo strings.

We have made a list of available banjo strings.

Hope it will make it easy for you to choose between them.

Nickel-Plated Strings

Many banjo players prefer the nickel-plated banjo strings. They feel the nickel provides a more vibrant sound than strings like steel-plated.

Polymer-Coated Strings

These strings are used for durability mainly. Polymer-coated strings provide extra strength in the string. Players with heavy usage prefer these strings.

banjo strings price

Stainless Steel Coated Strings

Banjo players love the stainless steel strings very much. The reason behind this is the longevity of these strings.

You can be sure of having a long life after choosing these strings. They also have a brighter and soothing sound than the nylon and polymer-coated strings.

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Who Makes The Best Banjo Strings?

Strings are the life of a banjo. Without good strings, you can’t get good sound from your banjo. So, choose carefully before buying. 

Here are a few good quality banjo string makers:

Elixir Medium Banjo Strings

Elixir makes some of the best strings for a banjo. 

They use a poly web coating in their strings. 

You can try their strings.

D’Addario Phosphor EJ69 5-String BRONE Banjo Strings

D’Addario is also a very popular brand with a huge reputation. They maintain an ideal balance in their strings so you can expect a long life span if you choose them.

Martin Vega V730 Medium Banjo Strings

Martin Vega is known for its corrosion-free strings. One of the main reasons a string becoming weak is corrosion. So, you can choose them to avoid decaying your strings.

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How Many Strings Does A Banjo Have?

5 string banjo

It may be a shock to a beginner, but there are many Different types of banjo available depending on their string number. 

We can say there are three types of banjos. 

These are:

  • 4 string banjo
  • 5 string banjo
  • 6 string banjo

4 String Banjo

They are like the ukulele version of a banjo. From the name you can clearly understand that it has only 4 strings. Tenor banjo and the plectrum banjo are two types that are available in 4 string banjos.

Plectrum banjo has a higher scale length, it is more like a 5 string banjo. And the tenor banjo has a shorter scale length.

5 String Banjo

We usually imagine a banjo to be a 5 string banjo. This is the most common banjo type that is available. You can play this banjo in different styles like a claw hammer, bluegrass, or even with three finger style called the Scruggs style.

6 String Banjo

They are more of a guitar version of a banjo. You will get the fluidity of the guitar with the mesmerizing banjo effect altogether. 6 string guitars are liked by the players because of the number of chances it provides to show your creativity with a banjo. 

6 string banjo

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are many questions online regarding banjo. So, we decided to answer some of them together to provide you with better knowledge about banjos.

Are Banjo Strings All The Same?

No, not all the banjo strings are the same. The variety of banjo strings depend on the alloy they are made of. Nowadays, banjo strings are made of metal.  You’ll find nickel-coated strings, nylon strings, polymer-coated strings, and also silver-coated strings.

Our suggestion will be to try the one at first that’s suitable to your budget.

After trying a few varieties you can surely find your comfort level.

How Long Do Banjo Strings Last?

A banjo string may last for around 3-4 years. But, you wouldn’t want to have your strings for a long time for sure. The lifespan of a banjo string depends on many things. 

Such as the daily usage of the strings, your climate, etc. After using a string for more than 1-2 years the strings become less responsive, you may also face problems like hearing heavy noise while playing.

Professionals prefer to change their strings every now and often.

Is Banjo Harder Than Guitar?

The answer is a big “No”. Playing the guitar is far more difficult than playing the banjo. The fact the thing that makes guitar harder to master is that – it has more strings and the gap between two strings is not much. As a result, beginners find it difficult to pluck the strings. Strumming a precise chord is also difficult in guitar.

On the other hand, a banjo has fewer strings.

So, it is easy to play the banjo than a guitar.

How Do You Tune A Banjo?

If you want to play the banjo, the first thing you should learn is how to tune a banjo. Tuning a banjo isn’t that hard. A 5 string banjo is tuned in G, D, G, B, D.

This is called the “open G tuning” as you play the banjo without holding any chord it will sound like the G chord. Without tuning, a banjo won’t sound that good to the ears.

Final Thoughts

A banjo is one of the most melodious instruments you can get to make your heart calm. But, before choosing a banjo, you should know the aspects of a banjo too. 

Strings are an integral part of a banjo.

80% performance of a banjo depends on its strings. 

You will find too many options when you opt to choose to buy new strings. So, you need to understand what to consider and what to ignore.

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