How much does a mandolin cost? (Detail Price Guide)

If you are looking for a mandolin or if you are a mandolin player and you are in the market for a good mandolin, you have come to the right article.

With our ultimate guide, you will locate the mandolin that is right for your music, expertise level, and budget plan.

Mandolins are instruments that aren’t regular to find in the present music scene. However, the mandolins are an incredible method to connect a remarkable sound to your music.

Despite the fact that a mandolin might cost as low as $100 while the best quality costing up to around $10,000+, there is a should be sensible. It becomes more important if you are a beginner who is looking to purchase the instrument.

In this guide, you will become familiar with the price range of mandolins and get some answers concerning the kind of mandolins you will get according to your budget. We are here to offer a few tips to assist you to let you know how much does a mandolin cost.

How much does a mandolin cost?

A mandolin can be an expensive instrument. With instruments running from $50 to $20,000, how much is a mandolin for beginners?

If you are a beginner, first of all, you need to rule out the cheapest and expensive mandolins to leave with a sensible price range. Most of the players may need to reduce the price range more due to their budget.

There is nothing to worry about great quality mandolins can be found at almost every budget level. We expect you to pay a minimum of $300 for a decent mandolin. However, this doesn’t mean that each $300 instrument is good in quality.

Like other mandolin players, you may start on a sub-$200 mandolin models. However, having $300 in the budget, you need to be cautious when looking for a mandolin. Many instruments at this value should be avoided. An important point is that the items left off the less expensive mandolin are not critical to the sound projection as you think. So how can you decide?

You will get your answer but first, let’s look into detail price ranges of mandolins. A decent mandolin is mainly hand-carved with a chisel. The extra work required to make a mandolin can double or triple the mandolin cost over a similar guitar.

If we see average instruments, a mandolin that costs $600 will be about a similar quality range as a $300 acoustic guitar. There will some few special cases where mandolins that stand out as outstanding qualities.

TypePriceBest Product
Beginner Mandolin$100 – $400Vangoas A style
Intermediate mandolin$400 – $800Loar LM-520-VS
Professional Mandolin$600 – $3000Goldtone OM-800

Mandolin Budget Range

Let’s see how much is a mandolin costs and what you will get if you spend this money on a mandolin ——–

Mandolins that cost $300

In this price range, you should be looking at A quality instruments. F quality instruments are costlier than A styles since a $300 F-Style will never be adequate quality. Mandolins available at these prices are the most affordable types in A-style and F-style. However, it is important that we focus on not to buy an F-quality instruments that costs $300.

A $300 A-quality instruments might be very worthy but it is important that you pick the correct A-style model. Most instruments under $300 price range may lack quality. If you are buying an A-style beginner mandolin, mandolins under $300 may turn out to be one of the best mandolins for you initially.

In this budget, we suggest you to search for a strong wood top, that has ideally been hand-carved. Additionally, you need to search for good brand tuners. You might be able to purchase instruments with a lifetime guarantee in this budget.

how much is a mandolin

Picking a decent $300 A-style will get you a mandolin that will serve you long. The mandolin in $300 price range could be best compared to other mandolin price ranges. In this budget, a few corners should be cut. Interestingly, the things left off the cheaper mandolin. These serve no capacity other than making the mandolin look decent. You are greatly improved off with a plain-looking quality mandolin than a low-quality instrument.

Mandolins that cost $500

If you have a $500 price range, you will find mandolins with better features. Every single strong wood is common, the tuners are better quality and you will see more pleasant woods, inlays, ebony fingerboards, and so forth. You may also find Electric mandolins in this budget. The ebony fingerboard and inlays are additional choices at this price level.

Mandolins that cost $700

In this price range, you will get better woods, improved performance and more beautiful touches. If you are looking for hand-carved solid instruments in this price range, you may get some. You will find extensive inlays, flamed maple wood and even some gold hardware as well. The mandolins that cost $700 can be very decent. Most professional players use instruments at this price level.

Mandolins that cost $1000

If your budget is around $1000, you can get some top-notch mandolins. These mandolins can be used at home on stages and recordings. These mandolins are some type of mandolins that you will be pleased with.

Mandolins that cost over $1000

If your mandolin costs more than $1000, you will get more detailed work. If you buy a mandolin over $1000, you will get high-quality woods, precise fit and finish and brand names on the headstock. Some detail work and the woods produce better tones. Most mandolins at this price level will be F-quality instruments.

Things to Consider Before Buying

You have decided what kind of mandolin you would buy in terms of beginner, intermediate and expert instruments. You have also checked the price. Bear in mind, IT’S NOT OVER YET!

You might be frustrated with what else you need to know to buy the best mandolin for the money. But don’t you want to get the best one at your price point? So bear with us because we helping, guiding, and recommending you to consider each and everything before making the final purchase.

When it comes to buying the best mandolin for you, you need to know what sort of music you want to perform before buying a mandolin. You do know right that different mandolins generate different sounds and they differ in price.

Music Type

If you are new to learn about these different music types mandolins, you can explore our other detailed articles regarding Bluegrass, Classical and Irish mandolin articles.

TypePriceBest product
Bluegrass Mandollin$300 – $1000Loar LM-520-VS
Classical Music Mandolin$400 – $2000Kentucky KM-252
Irish Music Mandolin$300 – $1000Kentucky KM-150

Here we would like tell you Bluegrass, Classical and Irish mandolins generate different sound compared to each other. They come with different prices along with different shapes. You will find a decent bluegrass or the best Classical mandolin within the price points we have mentioned above.

Mandolin Style

Style is a factor that sets the value of a mandolin either up or down. Mandolin may come with an A-style or F-style, which can be either one or the other Oval or F-hole shapes.

StylePricebest option
A-style$100 – $1000Hola A-style mandolin
F-style$400 – $2000Ibanez M522S

A-style and F-style mandolin is the two different styles of mandolin that generate different sound. They are completely different from each other in terms of shape, construction and tone quality. But it is true that F-style mandolins are quite expensive and demanding compared to the A-style.

F-styles models are made after Gibson’s 1920s models that generate a wonderful sound. F-styles are best for bluegrass music, which comes with F-holes. On the other hand, The A-style mandolins are made with oval-shaped holes.

A-style mandolins are affordable and have an alluring look, which makes them an ideal choice for beginner mandolin players.

Wood Construction

Mandolins that come with solid wood, greater quality, and better tone are quite satisfying in contrast to the ones with layered body materials. And the mandolins made from cover style look great, especially mix contemporary advances. You will have to spend more if you want more solid construction.


All things considered, the bowl-shaped style also portrayed as Neapolitan takes the feature of a classical design. Some modern mandolins including this design are superb. However, most mandolins have poor quality but offer low prices to attract beginners.

Custom Made Mandolins

Custom-made mandolins are the most expensive mandolins available in the market. Although most of these mandolins do not have displayed prices since the price is defined by the brand.
Some mandolins are customized made as rewards for the talents given during big competitions hosted by the brands. They are not available for sale for everyone but those attract the public eye.


Which is easier to learn mandolin or ukulele?

To be honest, the ukulele may be considered to be the more comfortable instrument for most players to get a grip on. On the other hand, the mandolin has a much more natural tuning. In terms of memorizing the notes, the mandolin has the power here where it levels out is in the manner.

What to know before buying a mandolin?

  • Never buy e-bay/craigslist
  • While purchasing, make sure your mandolin comes with proper set up else you may need to spend $40-100 more to have it set
  • Buy an A-style mandolin if you are a beginner
  • F-holes are apparently a safe-sure bet for learning how to play the mandolin
  • If possible, try to purchase a mandolin with solid wood in your price range

What is the best mandolin for a beginner?

We have more detailed reviews on the best mandolins for beginners. Please go through our content gallery to find those. However, here you may consider these mandolins:

  • Rogue RM-100A A-style Mandolin
  • Vangoas A style mandolin
  • Rogue RM-100F F-style Mandolin
  • Ibanez M510 A-style Mandolin
  • Ibanez M522 F-style Mandolin
  • Kentucky KM-150 A-style Mandolin
  • Kentucky KM-272 Artist A-Style Mandolin

Final Verdict

Most players in the public eye play a famous brand mandolin. It is obvious that you would want to play the famous brand mandolin your idol plays. But you will have to understand that the instrument your idol plays is most likely not a similar mandolin available for you to purchase. If you choose this way and purchase the expensive brand mandolin, there are chances that you will get a very decent instrument.

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