A trumpet is known as a famous wind instrument. The trumpet has been the most popular music instrument all over the world in the 20s. Louis Armstrong was the first person who presented the style and perfection of the trumpet during the jazz era. Besides jazz, the trumpet is also broadly used in symphony and wind instrumental bands.  The trumpet is a basic musical instrument, which has some moving parts. It needs the best materials and expert workers to make the best trumpet to play and sound right. From classical to jazz, the trumpet has been a unique and versatile instrument throughout the world. Perhaps, it is the most traditional instrument, although it has changed a bit over the years!   Now, which is the ideal trumpet for you? How much does a trumpet cost?   We are here to discover some of the best trumpet brands price for beginners, intermediate and expert players. It will help you to buy the best trumpet according to your budget.     

Finding the Best Trumpet for Beginners 

  The question arrives at many people who look for a student trumpet. You can be a parent whose kid has an interest in playing the trumpet.  Hence, you need a trumpet that will stay till the end and won’t break when you just started to play.  Considering this, it is clear that you have to set a budget you may have with the importance of purchasing a decent trumpet.  Before searching for your trumpet, you should understand the instrument’s basic anatomy. By realizing the instrument’s different parts, you will also understand how each part adds to make a signature sound. You will also get a better idea of how much does a trumpet cost.   Now, let’s get a brief idea of a trumpet’s anatomy —–
  • The mouthpiece is the vital piece of a trumpet. The mouthpiece creates the sound. The rest of the instrument colors and expands the sound. However, you need to be careful about the size and shape of the mouthpiece. As a beginner, you will see that a smaller mouthpiece is proper since it relieves fatigue, which supports you to practice longer. If you keep practicing, you can support your breath better as you play. A bigger mouthpiece will give you more prominent control and a louder sound.  
  • The lead pipe controls the wind flow as you play, which provides you with more prominent control over the pitch of your notes. The bore size which is the inside diameter of the lead pipe matters the most. A medium or large bore size is more comfortable for beginners. 
  • The valves and tuning slides are essential composition tools. Most trumpets have three valves. Some trumpets are made of four valves as well. Every piston will attach to the tube’s length that lowers the instrument’s pitch when they are engaged. 
  • If you want your trumpet to sound good, you must need the bell. The bell is the flashed and bell-shaped molded finish of the trumpet’s tubing. The bell is also known as the flare; the bell is the place where the sound is released. There are some factors of the bell influence the sound quality the trumpet offers. These are the metal used on the bell, shape and size. 
  • The traditional trumpets have a raw and polished brass finish. But lacquering the trumpet can help to protect the brass. It also gives an artistic touch to the instrument. But adding a lacquer changes the brass’ vibration features that change the tone of a trumpet’s sound. Then you can use light lacquer.  
  • Spit valve is used to remove all the saliva that may create inside the instrument if you play. The beginners need this the most because of their inexperience. They will face problems with the spit making up in the trumpet than more skilled players would.

Our Top Choice for Beginners 

  We have given several hours undergoing all the reviews and did our own research to gather this information. We will guide you with a comparison that shows our top picks and the budget pick, which is followed by a comprehensive review of each product.  
  • Jean-Paul USA TR-330 
  • Kaizer TRP-1000LQ
  • Hawk WD-T312
  Budget Pick: Mendini by Cecilio MTT-L  

Jean-Paul USA TR-330 

  Jean-Paul USA TR-330 trumpet gives beginners a chance to get familiar with this trumpet at a reasonable price. Jean-Paul USA TR-330 trumpet features a generous bore that makes playing simple and supports beginners hit notes precisely. The brass lead pipe supports to produce warming tones that are well centered. A similar lead pipe and bell also add to make a great sound. So you will be heard when you are playing in the practice room or outside.   


  • Rose brass lead pipe that resists corrosion.
  • Projects sound great and produce a soft, warm sound.
  • It has a yellow brass figure with a grand gold lacquer finish.
  • It comes in a sturdy carry case and holds accessories like a pair of gloves, valve oil, and a polishing cloth.
  • The company has been praised for its excellent customer service. 


  • A few buyers had issues with sticky valves. 
  Price: $199.99  

2.Kaizer TRP-1000LQ  

  Kaizer Student 1000LQ is a famous all-around shape that is made especially for beginners. The large bore that is 0.464″ and 5″ bell shape with rose brass lead-pipe and cupronickel tuning slides improves tonal play. It provides the trumpet with a dynamic response for classical, jazz, school band and marching band players. The standard 7C mouthpiece is the best for beginners. The mouthpiece receiver considers different sorts of mouthpieces to be connected. First valve slide thumb hook and flexible third valve slide ring allow comfortable holding and better control. The package covers molded case, valve oil, cleaning cloth and a couple of gloves.     


  • Active valves.  
  • Lifetime warranty on parts and 45 days’ money-back guarantee.  
  • Valve pistons are made of stainless steel.  
  • It comes with a molded case with a shoulder strap. 


  • Some users might find the finger ring is too fragile. 
  • Players may find valve slides is too loose. 
  Price: $145.70  

3. Hawk WD-T312   

  The Hawk WD-T312 is a lightweight trumpet, which is made with the top quality brass and plated in silver. It features 4.84-inch bell and 0.46-inch bore that will impress you. Perhaps, it is the best trumpet for beginners due to its simple playability and lightweight. The performance and execution of the Hawk WD-T312 are amazing and better than different models similar to it. You can be positive about making a great sound with this trumpet that will attract many. Although it is smaller than the other trumpets, the sound quality is great. Hawk WD-T312 is ideal for consistent use for practice.   


  • Lightweight.  
  • High-quality trigger and built-in thumb saddle for accurate sound.  
  • It comes with a convertible case. 


  • No warranty available.
  Price: $172.90  

Budget Pick: Mendini by Cecilio MTT-L 

  The Mendini MTT-30CN is a very smooth superior trumpet that joins 3 different materials for better performance and stability. Mendini MTT-30CN features a rose metal 7C mouthpiece, a nickel-plated lead pipe and a gold brass bore. This trumpet can be used by both the expert players and beginners. To provide accurate sound, Mendini MTT-30CN has a flexible lock for the third valve and a movable saddle for the first valve. You can make a fresh sound with this trumpet, which is a pleasure for various genres including classical music, pop, and jazz.   


  • Reasonable price, you won’t get anything cheaper than this.
  • You will have to first oil the valves. However, it plays superbly.
  • It has a nice lacquer finish in different shades including red, purple, gold, and nickel plate.
  • It comes with a nylon coated hard case with a soft lining inside to stop damaging.
  • Cleaning cloth, valve oil, and a pair of gloves included. 


  • It features copper lead pipe, which isn’t great in quality. 
  Price: $109.99 – $129.99 (depends on additional options)   Trumpet

Our Top Choice for Professionals

The proficient trumpets describe the highest achievement concerning the different levels of trumpet playing. This incorporates the beginner’s level, the intermediate level, and the professional level. The professional trumpets offer the best and most trustworthy craftsmanship and best materials for expert players. Such trumpets mostly have stainless steel pistons, one-piece bell, and can be lightweight or heavy.  The professional trumpets are implied for the individuals who have improved from the beginner’s and intermediate in trumpet playing. Now the question is if you are a professional, which trumpet you should buy? And how much does a professional trumpet cost?  We will be discussing our top choices, how much does a trumpet cost and their reviews as well.    
  • Yamaha YTR-8335RS Xeno Series Bb Trumpet
  • Bach Stradivarius expert Bb Trumpet
  • Getzen 900S Eterna Bb Trumpet

Yamaha YTR-8335RS Xeno Series Bb Trumpet

  The Yamaha YTR-2330 is the latest and excellent presents from Yamaha in their instrument range. It is highly recommended for both professional and beginner players. Yamaha aimed to make a first-class trumpet that is very playable for everyone, simple to manage and advance duration on the instrument. The Yamaha YTR-2330 can create phenomenal sounds with ease. So you won’t have to face any trouble working with an instrument that is hard to play. The adjustable third valve trigger and the two-piece bell of this trumpet are going to take your playing experience to a new level.  


  • Professional & reliable.
  • Highly rated on Amazon.com. 
  • Trustworthy brand.
  • Xeno series. 


  • A bit expensive. 
  Price: $1,985.99   

Bach Stradivarius expert Bb Trumpet 

  Bach LR180S-43 is a classic level trumpet that has all the features that a famous trumpet has. This trumpet includes the Bb tune key with great quality gold and silver body construction. It also features a lightweight design, which means it’s perfect for a professional to play on events. It features 43 bell and a medium-large size bore that connects to produce a rich and warm sound.  Bach LR180S-43 includes a 25LR reverse mouthpiece, including Monel valves, which contribute to a better sound projection and amazing tone produced by the instrument.  The performance of Bach LR180S-43 is incredible and simple to play that you can hit a twofold C very easily. The finish on the silver design is amazing. With a Bach Stradivarius 43 in hands, you can play like professionals.  


  • Light and balanced in weight with stable gripping.
  • 43 bell and a medium-large size bore.
  • Key of Bb with powerful sound quality.
  • Gold and silver body material.
  • It includes a protected bag within velvet swing. 


  • 3rd valve binds up.
  • Expensive. 
  Price: $3,159.00  

 Getzen 900S Eterna Bb Trumpet 

  Getzen 900S Eterna Bb Trumpet is a classic choice, which has the top quality features that fit the playing desires and career of a professional player.  Getzen 900S Eterna Bb Trumpet has a bore size that covers 460 inches, which means this is capable of bigger and darker tone play. The trumpet includes free-blowing attributes and the pitch is incredible to play.  Getzen 900S Eterna Bb Trumpetids designed as a key, which has nickel silver mouthpiece including a silver nickel inside tuning slides that provide the professional player with the capacity to control both the airflow and the level of sound projection. While the first valve slide change considers the sound quality and control, the third saddle blow valve slide fitting lock upgrades precision in tuning.  Getzen 900S Eterna Bb Trumpet is a nice and balanced weight instrument. The tuning slide works perfect and the valves are fast and smooth. The horn gives ideal adaptability and style.   


  • Great value.
  • High-quality sound.
  • Yellow brass bell.
  • Comfortable playing. 


  • Might be expensive for intermediate players.
  • Due to free blowing, some players may find issues at high volumes.
  • Some players may dislike the design and mechanism of the water key. 
  Price: $2,175.00  Trumpet

Things to Consider Before Buying

  One factor that will help you in choosing the right trumpet is to remember that every experienced player doesn’t always have a similar experience. You should always try to match your skill with the trumpet you are purchasing. So you won’t feel pressure while achieving the ease of playability.  The other factor is your budget. The expense is related to picking a trumpet at the professional level isn’t helpful most times. You can even spend up to $3,000 just to get solid and high-quality trumpet. Hence, it is essential to consider the reliability and durability of a specific model before leaving behind your money.     

Final Verdict about How much does a trumpet Cost

  The price of a trumpet varies among the available trumpets. But when it’s about your favorite instrument, you will pay for what you get.  Spending huge money on a beginner trumpet won’t be the best option until you are confident that you will be sticking with the practices. A cheap trumpet can discourage a beginner from following on their practices.  When a beginner is first introduced with a trumpet, they must have a decent trumpet to make a right start.  Whether you are a beginner or professional, the nature of the trumpet plays a huge role in how the music will be seen. The quality is important in every instrument. But the trumpet plays a significant role in how the sound is made. At the expert level, you need to have a reliable sounding trumpet that will project the music over the venue.