How much is a drum set?

The answer relies on different factors, which we will be going to talk in this article. 

The professional guidance is the fastest and effective approach to learn how to play the drums. To understand and grip the drums, a player should focus on rehearsing between the lessons that imply you will require a decent quality drum set. 

The price of a drum set varies depending on the type, the size, the brand, and the level you are playing at. Approximately, a drum set for beginners prices around $500. The junior drum sets starting as low as $150 and better quality beginner sets are around $800.

The majority of these drum sets include hardware and an essential set of cymbals. However, it generally happens but not always. We would recommend not to spend under $400 for a decent drum kit. 

Junior Drum Kits 

A complete junior drum set starts from around $300. This price includes stock cymbals and all the vital equipment with stands. The drum thrones/seats may not be included and can cost from $30 up to $200. A drum set in the range of $300 is enough for a beginner. 

The junior drum kits are usually three or four-piece sets. These sets include a bass drum, two toms, and a cymbal. Three-piece sets won’t include cymbals. However, you can buy them separately when purchasing a drum set at a reasonable price.  

So before asking how much a drum cost, it’s necessary to know what level of set you need. These junior drum sets are offered for complete beginners and kids. 

Junior Drum Kits – Our Top Choice

Gammon 5-Piece Junior Starter Drum Set

  • This drum set comes in 5 parts that are necessary for any beginner drum set. These 5 items are necessary for a drum kit since it assures the actual learning of a player.
  • It appears in three multiple colors, which enables you to choose the color on your own.
  • Gammon 5-Piece Junior Starter Drum Set also comes in implemented with cymbals, stands, sticks, and stool. 

 Drum D120B MB D Series Drum Set 5 Piece

  • A perfect 5-piece drum set to improve a beginner’s learning experience.
  • Includes cymbals.
  • This drum set is also equipped with a kick pedal, snare stand, hi-hat stand, and a cymbal stand.  
  • As a beginner drum set, this is a great choice that will give you a fun and simple drumming experience. 


GP Percussion GP50BL Complete Junior Drum Set 

  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • It comes in with a 10” cymbal and a high hat.
  • The drum set includes bass drum pedal, extending the drumming options for you.
  • In fact, it’s a complete junior kit that offers good quality. 

Intermediate Drum Kits 

If you are an intermediate player, you may need a better drum set to rehearse on. Now it may be an ideal opportunity for you to buy a complete intermediate drum set.

The intermediate drum sets come with a five or six-piece setup. Most intermediate drum units include a shell pack only, and you will need to add cymbals separately. 

When choosing an intermediate drum set, you should budget around $700 to $1,500, which depends on the kind of drum sets you are buying.

There are a few intermediate drum sets that can be costly. However, most expert players would agree that the $700 to $1,500 range will be enough to buy a decent intermediate drum set. 

Intermediate Drum Kits – Our Top Choice

 Pearl Decade

  • High-quality materials for the shells and lugs. It generates clear and resonant tones. 
  • It comes with a 7 piece set that includes bass drum, Snare, two-floor toms, and three suspended toms.
  • Beautiful lacquer finish.
  • The shells are 6 plies and 100% maple.
  • Excellent mounting and lock systems to hold the toms well angled and in place.
  • Lifetime warranty. 

Roland V-Compact Series (TD-17KV-S) 

  • It includes the bass and snare drums as well as three toms and also 3 cymbal pads, and the hi-hat controller.
  • It provides 25 preset kits, as well as the capacity to fully customize the sounds.
  • It offers the ability to plug into an outside source like your smartphone or stereo so you can play with your favorite songs.
  • It features built-in ports to provide for home recording.
  • The coach mode will help you to observe your timing as well as give warm-up practices. 

Gretsch Drums Catalina Maple CM1-E605-WG

  • It is built with a 7 ply maple shell.
  • It offers 5-piece set, which includes bass drum, snare, two rack toms, and a floor tom.
  • It features Gretsch signature locking and mount system.
  • Remo drum heads.
  • It comes with an eye-catching lacquer finish. 
  • Durable.  

How much does a Drum cost


Professional Drum Kits  

If you have learned how to play the drums professionally or if you would like to join a band, a professional drum set is a thing you need. The professional drum sets come in a similar pattern as the intermediate drum sets.

But the professional drum sets are built with better wood and parts. When choosing a professional drum set, you will need the drummer to check the drums before deciding. 

The professional drum sets can cost somewhere in the range of $3,000 to $10,000 depending on the unit and parts included. Most professionals will pick to buy a shell pack with hardware, then include exact drums or cymbals that they feel are vital.

Choosing a professional drum set is less issue than much does a drum cost. It depends on what is right for you as a player. 

Professional Drum Kits – Our Top Choice

 Ludwig Classic Maple 3pc Drum Set 

  • Gorgeous golden chrome color.
  • RFST molding gives marvelous sound. 
  • It has 2 cymbals and stands along with hi-hats.
  • It comes with 2-floor toms.
  • The drum throne is included. 
  • Excellent shell kit, especially for tight spaces (small clubs).
  • Great sound, many notes that it’s better than expected.

Tama Star Walnut 4pc Drum Set 

  • It includes an incredible resonant mounting system.
  • A unique mixture of modern and vintage tones.
  • Great value.
  • Cool color options.
  • Hardware & cymbals included (plus throne).
  • All parts generate great sound.
  • Attractive appearance, suitable for gigs. 

 DW Collector’s Series 7-Piece

  • The best high-end acoustic set. 
  • High-quality drums.
  • Magnificent finishes.
  • Versatile and robust. 
  • Excellent craftsmanship & professional quality. 


The musicians, composers and producers have several methods of making music. Some musicians start with rhythm others start with harmony or tune. Some musicians like drum sets or some musicians prefer digital drum machines.

A top-quality drum machine is the most essential piece of their work process. We have discussed the different drum sets above, now it’s time to brief you about drum machines. 

You will have to understand that few drum pads include drum machines, but not all the drum pads are drum machines.

Drum Machine

If you are a new or expert producer, a drum machine is significant bits of gear you need to purchase. If you want to make dance music, a drum machine will be the first thing you purchase once you have become out of drawing designs into the sequencer. 

The drum machines use touchpads that you play for making beats and grooves with a built-in sequencer for playing the music. Most drum machines feature built-in drum sounds as well as parameters for controlling and forming the sounds.

The drum machines produce sounds by using synthesis or by playing back prerecorded samples. Some drum machines reproduce a traditional drum set, while the others produce artificial sounding percussion. You can tap out easy rhythms straight from the device to program complex beats. 

Purchasing a drum machine is a genuine investment. So how would you know which drum machine is ideal for you? Or how much a drum machine cost? 

There are drum machines to suit everyone’s capacity, budget and needs, with reissued versions of classic instruments resting on the racks close by advanced gadgets that permit you to load samples onto your hardware. Indeed, it’s essential to understand what you are getting into before you purchase. 

Why do you need a Drum Machine?

  • Drum machines are used by musicians, producers, drummers, and specialists.
  • A musician performing in front of an audience should add more sounds to their live set. To add more sound, they need a drum machine. 
  • The musicians in the studio making hip-hop, dance or electronic music need a drum machine to give their songs a basic score streaming when composing new music. 
  • Easy to play on drum pad or other controllers.
  • Swing. 
  • Velocity sense.
  • Sampler functions for easy customization, automation and special effects. 


Drum Machine – Our Top Choice

Alesis SR16 Classic 24-bit Stereo Electronic Drum Machine

  • Midi implementation features footswitch input, velocity-sensitive pat buttons, and adjustable features for editing and programming.
  • User-friendly machine with easy user interphase.
  • It comes with makes it sound similar to a real drum set.  

 Price: $126.95

Akai Professional XR20 Beat Production Station 

  • It can generate over 700 sounds, and make it diverse in terms of the music you can generate.
  • It features 99 preset and user patterns.
  • It is equipped with all the important inputs and outputs needed in a drum machine.  
  • It also has an additional microphone input for voice recordings. 

Korg Volca Beats Analog Drum Machine 

  • It comes equipped with a 16-step electribe sequencer with eight memory patches.
  • This drum machine comes with sync in and out, which allows the clock to sync with various Volca series instruments.
  • It features built-in speaker so it can be played anywhere. 
  • One of the drum machine at a reasonable price.  

How much does a Drum cost

Analog or Digital Drum Machine? 

A few people accept analogue drum machines sound warmer than digital ones, while some people cannot differentiate or don’t care. With the drum machines, particularly where percussion is concerned.

If you need more realistic sound, a digital drum machine is the best approach since analogue drum machines cannot reproduce realistic sounds as precisely. You need to consider what sort of music you need to make and pick according to that. 


How to use a Drum Machine?

The most analogue drum machines are very natural. The rhythms are built in a way, which is known as a step-sequencer. This patter-based includes rubber pads, permit you to pick what beats of a sixteenth note grid are voiced from each instrument. 

If you are playing a drum machine for the first time, you will be surprised by the fact that they are enjoyable to play. You need to simply hit the buttons then you will discover how it works.


How to Choose the Best Drum Machine? 

  • Sound Quality: Make sure to listen in to each one of these drum machines, which can be on YouTube or at a music store. 
  • Budget: While looking for a drum machine, there is a large range of prices. The expensive ones are not always better. Some less expensive drum machines offer more features and sounds.
  • DAW Compatibility: While a few people simply need an analogue drum machine, others might need to organize it with their setup. This can be anything from hardware control of your digital sound workstation, using sounds from a VST module, or playing back MIDI through the drum machine and yielding it to a PA structure. 
  • Portability: If you are a musician, you will have to travel here and there for the performance. So you need a portable drum machine that you can carry everywhere. 


Final Verdict

We have covered a variety of drum sets and drum machines for you. We wanted to give you all the idea about how you can play your favorite instrument. It is up to you now which one you need the most.