Ibanez B200 Banjo Review: beginners through intermediate!

To become a master at the banjo, you have to become familiar with some ideas and experience a lot of hands-on training. It may be overwhelming to choose where to begin. 

However, the best learner banjos are sensibly priced, yet it takes some experimentation and organizing to ensure you are getting what you need from your new instrument. 

There are a few simple factors that will make it a lot simpler to assess the different banjos that you will come across in your search. While searching for banjos from reputed brands, you will come across the Ibanez brand. And here we introduce the best product of Ibanez, which is Ibanez B200 review

Ibanez B200 Banjo – Anatomy 

Ibanez b200 review

If you know the music instruments makers, then you will understand the quality level that Ibanez maintains. Ibanez B200, the closed-back banjo may be exactly what you want to begin learning and advance into live performances. 

This stringed instrument is one of the lovely, unique and attractive banjo manufactured by the Ibanez. Ibanez is one of the banjo makers who worked together with signature models with the late legend Earl Scruggs, who is a highly respected banjo producer.

From the start, this 5 string banjo resembles using similar material like the vintage banjos available. The difference that This 5 string banjo makes is the tree of life on the fretboard inlay and pearl headstock design with the original tuner. Additionally, everything is made like a banjo in the 70s, which is the golden period of legendary artists. 

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Deering goodtime banjo

This 5 string banjo highlights brass tone ring, basswood rims, and mahogany resonators. The neck shape that fits in the hand gives a soft grip with the rosewood fingerboard pattern shows the significance of this 5 string banjo in making stringed instruments. This 5 string banjo has good scrolling work and masterful work on the palm lay and on inlays on the neck as well as on the headstock. 

In Ibanez B200 banjo, the neck stays strong forever with the support of the double organizer rod. On the head, you will come across an 11 inch Remo Weathering covered head, steel circle tension w/24 pc section, and chrome banjo tuner. The steel circle adds weight to this This 5 string banjo to 12 pounds.

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If you are a beginner, you should play this banjo on the lap while sitting. To play this 5 string banjo for a long time can be tiring.  B200 is controlled by polished finishing, inlay design on the rosewood fingerboard and headstock as well as the steel circle surrounding the Remo weathering head makes it look elegant and rich. 

The sound that this 5 string banjo generates is great with the combination of basswood rim, Mahogany resonator, brass tone ring, and the coated Remo Weathering head. The Mahogany neck this 5 string banjo has 22 frets that make it simpler for learners to ace it. However, this banjo uses friction tuners nut material, which might be the reason for your fifth string getting off the tone. 

Furthermore, the friction tuners nut material is not useful for playing fast, perhaps you should treat and give friction peg oil sometimes. The resonator of this banjo cannot be released so the sound generated is very noisy. However, the sound generated by the Ibanez B200 banjo is very pleasant and loud. You may find that it’s hard to do the tuning yourself except if you offer it to an expert player to do it for you. 


  • Perfect for beginners through intermediate
  • It features a short neck
  • Durable construction
  • The resonator is loud.
  • Thorny inlays in the form of a vine are gorgeous, reminiscent, and eye-catching
  • Produces powerful & solid sound
  • Its glossy finish makes the sale if you are seeing for a low-priced banjo
  • Excellent aesthetics


  • Beginners may find the vine inlay harder while learning where the different frets are on the fretboard
  • It is heavier than many banjos with resonators
  • Friction tuner

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Things to Consider Before Buying Banjo:

1. Try not to buy with your eyes

Most banjos made the focus on the glossy finish, ornate inlays, bright hardware. It’s because those distract a beginner from the features that are essential. Since being a beginner you might not know the essential features, consider the following: 

  • How the banjo sounds like?
  • Is it difficult for you to put your fingers around the neck and reach over the rosewood fingerboard? Is it difficult to press the strings to get them to touch the frets? 
  • Is there any sort of manual? 
  • Are they providing good customer service? 

2. Beginners banjo must be easier to play 

This is something a beginner would not know. Many banjos have thick, clubby necks which are difficult to stretch around. A D-shaped, slim neck makes it simple for beginner banjo players to reach around and fret. This is important to put your hand around that neck and find how much the stretch is to get your fingers over the fingerboard. 

3. Beginners banjo should come with a warranty 

Does it have one? Furthermore, how simple is it to get service on your banjo from the brand? Are you left all alone after you add to the cart? It’s important for a beginner since we have questions that can’t be replied to from our experiences since we don’t have any yet! Great follow up after your buy is a key component to smooth improvement of your banjo knowledge. 

Ibanez b200 banjo review

4. Banjo Testimonials 

Check out this Ibanez B200 review or find our other reviews on the best beginner banjos. Let the experiences of your fellow music explorers lead you en route. The customers will provide you the honest feedback about their experience in that particular stringed instrument and the manufacturer. 

If you are still in doubt, believe in your instincts. Most of us remember when we are being treated well and honestly. Use an approved outlet for your banjo and great vendors are very valuable. They know the product description, give great service, offer you to return to if you need help and can send you to the manufacturer for additional assistance.


What is the rating of the quality of sound?  

  • 2/5 

Is it easy to setup? 

  • If you’re a beginner, then NO. You will need a professional for you to set this up. 

What’s the appearance rating? 

  • 5/5 

Thoughts on playability? 

  • Overall, we like it. Cosmetically, it is absolutely beautiful. Playability is superb after setting it up. 

Are Ibanez banjos any good?

  • Ibanez would easily refute that statement. All the Ibanez banjos are pretty much identical in both construction and workmanship, and, all are nearly great in terms of playability and tone ring with proper setup work.

Is Banjo harder to play than guitar?

  • The comfort with which you learn the stringed instrument will depend on the style of music you want to learn to play. The guitar has extra notes and finger athletics to control than the banjo. It may make it harder to learn the banjo than the guitar for you. The banjo has fewer strings, which may also make it a bit easier to play for you. 

How much does a beginner banjo cost?

  • On average, a banjo is going to make between $50 – $3,000. If you are a learner, a beginner’s kit with a lower-end banjo should cost between $150 – $300, surely a great purchase if you aren’t sure about sticking with it. You can also find a decent solid mid-range banjo in between $300 – $425. 

What do I need to know before buying a banjo?

  • 5 questions to ask before purchasing your Banjo: 
  1. How many strings? The most well-known banjo setup is five strings, tuned GDGBD, also known as open G tuning.
  2. Is it a resonator or open-back? 
  3. What kind of head should it have?
  4. To scoop or not to scoop? 
  5. Should I go to electric?

Final Verdict 

This masterpiece of this 5 string banjo offers a price tag of around $400. In fact, Ibanez B200 is a banjo with a resonator that can carry a firm stroke of sound. While the This 5 string banjo does not give high-quality elements and construction than other expensive brands might offer, it presents a high value for those asking a balance of superb sound and attractive look.

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