If you are searching for a superior instrument or looking to find the best banjo to start your music career, this is the ideal review you need right now!

Many people believe that banjo and guitar are the same in their playability and construction. But if you start playing the banjo, you will come to know there is a big difference. Playing the banjo is an interesting task for every musician.

If you are an amateur at the banjo, you would worry what the best brand is. Above all, purchasing from a regarded brand can help you to get rid of it. But you need to ensure you are getting the best quality, and there can be limitless options when it comes to which banjo is the correct choice.

Purchasing the right banjo for you is tough except if you have the right information. In this article, we have come with the best banjo for a beginner like you. We have chosen to make this in-depth review of the best banjos of all time, Ibanez B50 review. 

Ibanez B50 banjo review

Ibanez B50 Banjo Review:

It’s been thirty years since Ibanez was in the banjo business, yet were back with a blast. Old-timers may review Ibanez was very fascinated with banjo-building, having teamed up on an artist signature model with the late Earl Scruggs. However, starting at 2012 was once again in the Ibanez convention, the Ibanez B-50 conveys a sweet 5-string closed-back banjo at a price that won’t break your bank account.

If you are searching for an incredible banjoIbanez B50 5-String banjo is an ideal choice in terms of budget. This Ibanez B50 banjo has a 24-lug design. The body style has a Mahogany neck, sides, and back. 

The Remo banjo head is 11 inches, which covered with Weather King banjo head. During construction of this banjo, solid and high-quality materials are used in it. It makes the banjo sturdy and solid to withstand the day by day use. The shade of the Ibanez Banjo is normal and the gloss finish makes it all the more attracting. 

Ibanez B50 has open-gear tuners with Rosewood bridge and fretboard. The strings give a unique and acoustic tune. The tuners will help you in producing a genuine and rich tune. The 5-string Banjo by Ibanez is light, weighing 5.3 pounds. The measurements are 47 inches’ x 21 inches’ x 6.2 inches. 

Additionally, you can get a high shine finish case independently. This will make it simple for you to move it around without stressing over crushing it. You can securely store your banjo for the situation without presenting it to any element. 

Ibanez B50 banjo review

Ibanez is a famous brand that gives quality instruments—like the Ibanez B50 and Ibanez B200. Ibanez B50 has a warm and smooth sound due to the materials used in its construction. Ibanez B50 has open-gear tuners with a rosewood connect. 

But there have been a few issues about the durability of this banjo. While no brand can fulfil each player’s wish, that there have been a few issues worth mentioning. 

However, Ibanez B50is one of the best beginner-level banjos for any individual who cannot invest in a better instrument yet needs to ensure their banjo’s sound will be decent in their first band.

Pros & Cons

  • Although it’s not like the Ibanez B200, it still got a delicate coating and a professional look
  • The quality of the sound is better than ultra-budget instruments, but it doesn’t cost much
  • It generates a melodic sound
  • A strong product and sturdy construction
  • It’s fairly less expensive
  • It’s fairly lightweight, which makes it easy to carry
  • The dot position markers help to keep track of where the frets are while you start to play
  • It is possibly the best banjo under $300
  • Like the Ibanez B200, the mahogany used in building the body and the neck indicate that the sound quality is not as great as it could be
  • It is apparently better constructed than an ultra-budget banjo, but you may still face quality control issues

Ibanez B50 Banjo: Frequently asked questions

Is it resonated or open-back?

  • It is a closed-back banjo. 

What kind of sounds it generates? 

  • If you love melodic sound, you are going to love this banjo.

Will it be a user-friendly instrument to a guitar player? 

  • Yes! Ibanez B50 stays in tune, looks well-made and it is bright and loud. You can replace the strings and the bridge for yourself but it’s really fine as it is. We recommend Ibanez B50 over the other banjos near this price.

What banjo do you recommend under $300? 

  • Ibanez B50 would be worth your $300.

Would you recommend it to your friend? 

  • Yes, I would recommend it any day. 

Final Verdict 

As a beginner banjo, you will be surprised at Ibanez B50. It is easy to play, up and down the neck, the action is perfect. Except for some minor differences, it is the top banjo for beginners. It will be hard to find a banjo like Ibanez B50 under $300.