Ibanez b50 vs Ibanez b200 banjo: Which One is the Best?

There are a lot of brands for banjo but Ibanez is one of the finest. Ibanez is a brand that has been around since 1957 and is notable for creating acoustic guitars. Most of the instruments that Ibanez produces are at reasonable prices. Two of the most popular banjos from Ibanez are the Ibanez b50 and the Ibanez b200.

In this article, we are going to compare them in an Ibanez b50 vs Ibanez b200 banjo topic and we are going to describe the pros and cons of each instrument while giving you proper guidance to find out which one should you buy out of the two.

Ibanez b50 banjo: The Banjo for beginners?

As it is under $300, Ibanez’s B50 resonator banjo is a more affordable option for new learners than their B200. The Ibanez closed back banjo is more affordable than the B200 in light of the fact that it provides less frills, yet at the same time has a similar sound integrity as their pricy B200. 

The B50 is extraordinary compared to other beginner level banjos available and gives individuals, who are on a small budget, with an incredible option. Though you don’t have to spend a lot on this banjo, you will get a top notch sound from the B50.


Ibanez b50 has a regular banjo shaped body made of the mahogany base with Remo 11″ head and 24-bracket rim around the top. The bridge section includes a rosewood bridge and a trapezoid tailpiece installed behind it. 

The neck is built using mahogany and it is set-in. The neck is topped off with a rosewood fingerboard. The things that are featured on the fretboard are 22 frets, 1.18″ nut width, flat radius and dot position markers. 

Tuners offer chrome plating and open-gear construction. 26-3/16″ scale finishes the spec sheet.


  • Has a professional design
  • Incredible sound quality compared to other budget instruments
  • Has dot position markers that help to keep track of the placement of frets
  • Attractive finish
  • One of the best banjos under $300


  • Has problems with quality control
  • The sound quality is not as excellent as it could be (because of the Mahogany-constructed body)

Ibanez b200 banjo: Perfect balance?

The Ibanez B200 Banjo is more of a nostalgic memory of a simpler era.  It reminds of the time before every hair bands put Ibanez on the map as a maker of metal weaponry.  Ibanez was a well-respected banjo manufacturer. Ibanez is now back in the banjo business. 

While the B200 doesn’t offer the top-notch materials and construction that most expensive brands may offer, it presents incredible value for those looking for a balance of astonishing sound and attractive appearance.  When it comes to Ibanez b50 vs Ibanez b200, the Ibanez b200 is more versatile and balanced.

Ibanez b200 banjo


The B200 has a basswood rim, a rolled brass tone ring, along with a tuneful mahogany bowl. The smooth-playing neck, along with its stunning pearl fingerboard inlay, also takes advantage of Ibanez’s significant experience with designing shredtastic guitars. It has a steel tension hoop with a 24-piece bracket. It also provides aa dual Coordinator Rod construction. It has a high gloss finish and offers chrome banjo tuners.


  • Has a polished and shiny finish.
  • Thorny inlays in the design of a vine are magnificent.
  • Provides powerful, solid sound.


  • Mahogany used in creating the wood components provides a less refined tone than maple.
  • Heavier than other banjos with resonators.
  • More expensive than other instruments with better sound quality

Ibanez b50 vs Ibanez b200 banjo :Final Verdict

The answer to the Ibanez b50 vs Ibanez b200 debate depends on which one fits your needs better. If you just started learning to play the Banjo, then Ibanez b50 is better suited for you. On the other hand, Ibanez b200 provides perfect balance for all banjo lovers, with a fabulous design and provides incredible sound.

If you have a tight budget, then you should go for the Ibanez b50 as it is much more affordable. While the Ibanez b200 has quite a price tag, it still offers stability and astonishing sound.

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