Kentucky KM 650 Mandolin Review: Beginner F-Style Mandolin

If you are searching to get a new musical instrument, getting the best mandolin will be an extraordinary and pleasant decision. If you have chosen to look for such a thing yet don’t have the opportunity to go to visit many music stores, then this article is for you. After reading our Kentucky KM 650 mandolin review, you would consider getting one. 

Kentucky is a renowned brand in the mandolin family. Their KM 650 f style mandolin is a good choice for beginners. So, we make the decision for the Kentucky KM 650 mandolin review.

We will be taking a look at the materials used, the construction quality and the tone and playability. Kentucky has been making mandolins for near 40 years. Throughout the years, Kentucky has made models from The KM-140 as far as feasible up to the KM-5000. 

kentucky km 650 mandolin review

Kentucky KM 650 Mandolin – Anatomy 

With regards to great mandolins, Kentucky leads the route at each price point The recently upgraded KM-650 mandolin has all the most attractive professional features that any performer should be impelled but is estimated for any budget plan. The high-end tone woods and precise gesture to detail by master luthiers guarantee easy playability and top-notch tone in a classically designed mandolin. 

The Kentucky KM-650 mandolin is the beginning of their Florentine Model mandolins. The F-Model mandolins add a touch of emotion to the instrument with their scroll on the body, peg head and the two points on the body just as the fancier peg head design. The Standard version has similar materials as the standard series of the A-Style mandolins with the additional Florentine styling.  

All Kentucky mandolins gain by the years of involvement making instruments at the highest levels at more reasonable prices. Similar conventional methods and advancements to capitalize on the materials and better playability are applied for unmatched quality and consistency.

Materials quality

Focusing on Kentucky KM 650 mandolin’s playability and tone without reducing material quality, the rosewood is used for the fingerboard and bridge. Precise metal-plated and fixed tuners complete these fine instruments. Kentucky KM 650 mandolin comes with a skillful finish and secured by a slight, but breathable clear coat that looks extraordinary, which gives durability that will keep going for a long time.

Who is Kentucky KM 650 Mandolin For?

These mandolins are the ideal option for expert or beginner players who is serious to play the mandolin. Kentucky KM 650 is designed and priced to keep up the delicate balance of quality materials, outstanding playability, and tonal perfection that can be found nowhere in a single instrument. 

Compare to Other brands

From the start, the name Kentucky has been viewed as excellent compared to other quality brands of mandolins available. It has all the features one would discover on any vintage instrument pricing thousands more. 

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Kentucky KM-650 mandolins are handmade, high-performance proficient quality instruments priced precisely for the working artist. By making all Artist mandolins in a similar workshop as the highest level instruments, techniques and design developments are shared to guarantee ideal playability and tone is accomplished without bargain.

Kentucky KM 650 Pros & Cons


  • A great instrument at a good price
  • You will love the sound quality and it’s nice to play
  • Great for a beginner/learner
  • Tremendous tonal quality
  • A good instrument with a few caveats


  • People complained about bad neck joint
  • May not playable on arrival and the packing is poor


Do you recommend KM 650 for radiused ebony fretboard and ebony bridge? 

  • Yes. Indeed, people choose KM 650 over KM-675 for that.  

Does the manufacturer set up the instrument while deliver? 

  • No, it is not set up by the manufacturer.  

What are the measurements of this instrument? 

  • 28.5 x 12.88 x 4.38 inches 

Is it A-style or F-style? 

  • It’s F- style mandolin. 

Can you tell me the weight of this product? 

  • 4 pounds. 

Final Verdict

Regardless of whether used for Blues, Country, Jazz, Rock or Swing, the Kentucky KM-650 mandolin has a style and sound that makes certain to be a hit with any guitar or mandolin player hoping to add another measurement to their playing style. From the first note, you will come across the boundless measure of tonal possibilities available and you will know why Kentucky KM-650 mandolin is the best value in a professional level mandolin in the market right now.

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