Mandolins won’t be your best option for an instrument if you are looking for something cheap. With most mandolins available at $300 and higher price, an affordable mandolin appears to be quite impossible. Although there are mandolins that cost $200, which are budget-friendly. What if you want to buy a mandolin under $100? The decision is not as huge among mandolins under $100 similarly as with ukuleles and guitars but there are a couple of cheap mandolins with a decent quality out there. If you are looking for a mandolin that is around $100, then this Rogue RM 100A mandolin review is for you. 

If you consider Gibson or Fender as a name brand instrument producer, you can consider Rogue their store image equal. Rogue specializes in taking time tested designs and making least-cost methods for assembling the instruments with low budget models of guitars, banjos, mandolins and ukuleles. 

With the most minimal costs available, Rogue is regularly the passage point for people looking to try a mandolin on a tight budget. While Rogue may not be the best brand of mandolin, but they strive a great level of quality at a low cost. Check prize on Amazon

Rogue RM 100A Mandolin – Anatomy


The Rogue RM-100A mandolin is an A-style mandolin. The A-style is great for learners and people who would prefer not to spend as much to buy an A-style mandolin. Because A-style mandolins are normally less expensive than F-styles.

Indeed, you may think whether F-style is a powerful mandolin or not; actually, it depends on personal preference. Me? I incline toward A-style. But we do highly recommend A-style mandolins for beginners.

The Rogue RM-100A mandolin features a maple neck with a well-polished rosewood fingerboard, which is simple to play. The F-hole and glossy finish make RM-100A look more rich and expensive while it’s cheaper.

If we have to choose a mandolin under $100, we will go for Rogue RM-100A mandolin that does a great job under this price. 

Rogue RM-100A A-Style Mandolin Sunburst
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Similar to the tone wood and construction, Rogue RM-100A mandolin features simple and fundamental hardware that probably won’t do magic but takes care of playing. The RM-100A instrument fits be an entirely simple one to deal with and keep up with the adjustable rosewood bridge and chrome tuning machines.

The tuners hold the strings quite well. While you may need to tune a few times than expected toward the starting. However, the more you play the mandolin the more you will get comfortable as well as the strings. However, we recommend you to change the strings immediately because they ruin the sound and playability.

We recommend changing strings on less expensive models since little details make a decent difference and might mitigate an average sounding mandolin to a more significant level. In this circumstance, it is true.  

Don’t worry! the string changing process is not that much complicated even if you are a beginner. If you still feel confused, some custom shops are available to do it for a small fee. 


To be honest, we did not expect a great sound from this mandolin. But after Rogue RM 100A mandolin review, we can say that at the cost you are paying for this mandolin, the RM-100A has a balanced tone and pleasant volume.

Pros and Cons:

  • Thin, easy to play neck. Also, the adjustable bridge makes learning to play this mandolin quite easy
  • Great finish and color on the RM-100A mandolin. It does look professional.
  • It offers a good level of quality considering the price
  • It enables you to try out the mandolin without investing too much money and to upgrade later.
  • Ideal learning instrument
  • Sturdy construction
  • The of the RM-100A is clear and resonant considering the price
  • Challenging to tune accurately
  • Playability is hurt by inequality in the frets and other design details
  • The design is dull if you want to stand out from the pack
  • Plays a laminate top, which may cause tone quality a bit tinny and does not match up with advanced instruments
  • The finish reduces from the tone quality
  • It does not have a truss rod, so if the neck warps with time the mandolin will be unplayable
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Rogue RM 100A Mandolin Review (FAQ)

How much does this mandolin weigh?

  • 2.89 pounds.

Is this pre-strung?

  • It does some pre-strung, but you should be prepared to adjust the bridge a bit. 

If I need to buy it with a hard case, do you recommend one in amazon?

  • We know this cost about what the instrument charges, but it has held up nicely and is a hard shell. 

Does it have a place for the strap to connect to the bottom?

  • Yes, it does. 

What type of strings does it come with?

  • We believe they are Phosphor Bronze, Medium, 11-40. They are the good string to start with. 

Final Verdict 

There are other mandolins at this value range that offers as much as the RM-100A. This Rogue RM-100A mandolin is probably won’t be a pick for the best mandolins however, it additionally doesn’t cost much. With strong construction, simple to maintain mandolin and brilliant tone with pleasant volume, this Rogue RM-100A mandolin will be an excellent starter mandolin for beginners. It can be a great instrument as a travel partner.