A brand that has some top-selling best guitars available feels comfortable around making great string instruments. So it was expected that Seagull’s journey into mandolin industry is effective.

Their S8 model is quite adaptable in itself. Although it was not unexpected that they made a decent mandolin, but it is surprising how they came up with such a decent mandolin with no earlier history. 

Seagull has been known for variable design and Seagull S8 mandolin is the reflection of that. With a new look that gestures to tradition without being limited by it, it’s a mandolin that gets attention.  

Does it sound in the same as it looks?  Discover your answer by reading the detail Seagull S8 review.  

Seagull S8 Mandolin – Anatomy


When you are looking for a new instrument, the construction should be the primary priority. This includes a few details that you need to remember.  

Seagull S8 mandolin is a sleek, which is polished curved and dual cutaway. The strong Sitka spruce top with overlay maple body offers a solid and durable construction.  

You might expect this thin, delicate-looking model to be toyish, easily cracked, but you will be amazed once you get it how well the Seagull S8 mandolin is developed and rigid. The hand-completed maple neck experiences the body of the mandolin while providing it considerably more durability and solidness.

You will find Rosewood fingerboard with white dots inlays on the head of the neck. The semi-gloss consumed umber finish makes the look of Seagull S8 mandolin classic. This complete finish not only provides looks but also better tonality. In Seagull S8 mandolin review, we have found it is additionally accessible with a natural finish to have your pick. 



That non-traditional shape of the Seagull S8 mandolin cases it to feel unique in the hands. The slimmer design allows you less room on the soundboard. Most mandolin trainers would advise you not to rest your hand on the soundboard, yet that doesn’t prevent a few players from doing it.

If you cannot prevent from doing it, don’t worry! You will discover the mandolin simpler to hold with a strap. Most mandolin players prefer to use a strap, so this won’t be an issue. 

The wider fretboard will benefit any individual who finds the standard mandolin fretboard to be a little tight. If you are a guitar players or like to play with thick fingers will find Seagull S8 comfortable.

seagull s8 mandolin review

The dual cutaway design makes playing high up the neck quite simpler. The frets 12 to 15 are considerably more accessible than on a standard A-style and better than most F-styles. Overall, these features make Seagull S8 an incredible mandolin for soloing. 

We find Seagull S8 mandolin easier to set up with the truss rod. Setting up the action with the truss rod is particularly significant because the S8’s bridge is not adjustable in contrast to numerous mandolins. You can list both the bridge and the nut to cut the action down, but that would be useless.

The open-gathered tuners are simple to adjust and keep their tune well. The compensated saddle is a decent touch that helps pitch. While doing Seagull S8 mandolin review, we found the frets of are fashionable and well placed and intonation was spot on. 



While playing the Seagull S8 mandolin, you will come across that it’s loud. The curved soundboard makes this an incredible mandolin for jams. It is shockingly loud compared to its slimmer body. Some portion of that can be credited its tone, which is high-end heavy.

However, Seagull S8 is not the best mandolin for soft songs nor subdued playing. In the absence of low end, the tone is not that rich or complex. If you are seeking for a mandolin to play alone may find it thin. Since it projects very well in jams, we recommend Seagull S8 mandolin to any bluegrass or Irish/Scottish/Celtic mandolin players. The volume and splendid tone make S8 mandolin ideal for the melodic playing of a solo. The classical players who play solo might find Seagull S8 mandolin incredible travel instrument.


  • Sleek & solid build
  • Great appearance
  • Decent price


  • May take some time to settle in
  • Tusq nut is not the best material

Seagull S8 Mandolin Review (FAQ)

Does the Seagull Mandolin have an adjustable truss rod in the neck?

  • There is what seems to be a truss rod cover on the face of the peg head but it is below the strings so we have not removed it to see beneath. We see no sign of a truss rod while seeing in the sound hole. The neck is part of the back – design and seems to be very strong. Overall, the S8 appears very well made.

Does the S8 purchase include a gig bag or case?

  • In Canada, they provided a fitted bag for another $49. It can even be found on Seagull’s site. It features a handle, removable shoulder strap, two outer pockets, and a name tag holder on the carry side. 


Final Verdict 

While you found in our Seagull S8 mandolin review that it doesn’t have the most complex tone, but it performs well than the other mandolins at the same price. Furthermore, if you are searching for an electric mandolin, the Seagull S8 EQ is an excellent choice. Regardless of whether electric or acoustic, Seagull has made a decent job with the S8 line!