Washburn B11 Banjo Review | In-Depth Buying Guide (2022)

A banjo is a musical instrument that is shaped like a small guitar and played by striking the strings with your fingers. The banjo’s strings have a lighter gauge in comparison to a guitar’s and thus are a lot easier to play.

If you are a banjo enthusiast, chances are that you are a Washburn banjo user because it’s one of the most famous in western culture. They have been one of the best since the late 18th century since Washburn started their journey.

One of the latest Washburn additions is the Washburn b11 5-string banjo.

It’s one of their slickest and newest additions and is said to be one of the best.

It’s said to be ready for any kind of banjo performance at any given time.

washburn b11 banjo

Let’s dive into the whole Washburn B11 banjo review to see if these claims are true or not.

Overview of Washburn B11 Banjo

Washburn B11 banjo is known for its special qualities and its manufacturing. 

Here is a simple overview of this 5-string banjo:

High-Quality Material & Classic Design

The Washburn b11 banjo is made of high-quality wood and designed in a classical style.

It provides users with the powerful, punchy banjo tone that users seek, and it’s possible because they use traditional tonewoods and craftsmanship. The mahogany resonator adds volume and depth to the banjo while also looking great.

The fine finish allows your fingers to flutter across all of the bound fretboard and plush mahogany neck without a hitch. So, no more bumpy roads that prevent you from producing high-quality music.

Provides Classic Banjo Tone

These Washburn b11 banjos are resonator-backed and offer superb tone and comfort at a reasonable price. If you’d like to play classic bluegrass, you’ll need a resonator banjo. The mahogany-made resonator added to the Washburn B11 provides you with a brighter tone and tremendous projection than you’d expect from a bluegrass guitar.

When you add the Remo head to this banjo, along with the ebony-coated maple bridge, you’ve got yourself a guitar that’s ready for every gig or jamming session. The conventional tone ring adds extra power, intensity, and character to the music.

Expert Craftsmanship

Washburn is an American manufacturing establishment that is centered on musical instruments. Washburn is a well-known and valued business amongst musicians, offering every sort of musical element. Many of the most well-known figures in folk, jazz, blues, and rock have played these well-made, high-quality instruments.

By combining great craftsmanship with quality materials, Washburn creates instruments that are ready to play on every stage. So you know you’re getting one of the best products when you buy the Washburn B11.


  • This is a solid 5-string banjo made for performers of all skills.
  • Banjo tones are reminiscent of bluegrass.
  • Provides increased depth and projection with the help of a mahogany resonator.
  • Using a Remo banjo head with the ebony-topped bridge provides a crisp tone.
  • A sleek finish with a bound rosewood-made fretboard on the mahogany neck.


These are technical details of the Washburn B11 banjo that you need to look at before you sign up to buy it:

Number of Strings5 String
Body StyleResonator
Item Weight13 pounds
Top MaterialRemo
Body MaterialMahogany
Neck MaterialMahogany
Fretboard MaterialRosewood 
NutABS, 31mm 

Pros & Cons of Washburn B11 Banjo

Washburn banjos are good for their price. If you want to buy a Washburn b11, you might want to look at its features as well as all of its pros & cons to learn more about whether you should invest in it or not.

Compared to the pros, the cons of this banjo are not as many. But still, as a potential buyer, you might want to look at these cons to understand if it’ll cause you any problem.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the Washburn B11 5-string banjo:


  • The brand Washburn is among the most well-known banjo manufacturers, with over a generation of expertise.
  • This banjo is made of high-quality materials.
  • It is made with excellent manufacturing and a well-designed style.
  • The price is fair, and it provides excellent value for the price.
  • The banjo’s resonance and tone are superb.
  • For better quality, an authentic Remo head is added.
  • For increased longevity and audio quality, the resonator and neck, along with the body, are made of mahogany.
  • There is a good quality ebony bridge added that makes it durable.


  • Implementing the instructions given with the banjo and some more technical stuff are needed to put up the given bridge on the banjo’s head. It might be quite difficult for beginners.
  • Due to the lack of a bag or straps, the user would have to buy them separately.
  • You might need to buy several things separately.

Washburn Banjo Mahogany

The usage of mahogany wood in different kinds of musical instruments is well-known. The Washburn Banzo’s back and body are made of mahogany, with a Remo head that ensures high sound quality.

washburn b11 banjo review

Its plush mahogany back is indeed a major selling point. This type of wood ensures that your banjo is well-made and of good quality. This high-quality material, along with Washburn’s superb craftsmanship, makes it so that the banjo is always ready to perform on any platform.

Inexpensive But Well Made Instrument

Well Designed and Good Music

If you haven’t played the banjo in about two decades, this new banjo will be an excellent way to reintroduce yourself to the instrument. It has a terrific sound, is simple to play, and looks wonderful. There are no ornate inlays or swirly patterns on this one. It’s just sturdy and well-built.

Simple to Play

If you have primarily played bass or guitar in the past decades and need to master a lot of syncopated rhythms and fingerwork, particularly with your right hand, then it will be a pleasant instrument for you. 

This banjo is comparatively simpler to play than the other banjos.

As a beginner, if you have little to no experience, then these banjos can also help. It won’t be very hard for you to navigate and play. Some YouTube videos might come to your aid. And the Washburn B11 5-string banjo will surely be at your side in this whole process.

Washburn B10 Banjo Review

Mahogany Resonator

The Washburn version of the Americana 5-string B10 banjo features a mahogany resonator with a glossy sunburst coat to optimize the projection level and the volume.


This beautiful banjo comes with added D’Addario strings that have already been installed.


It has a wood neck made of mahogany wood, with a fingerboard. There are twenty-two frets in total. And die-cast tuners are also added to the banjo to allow easy tuning.


The banjo comes with an authentic Remo head that assures high-quality music production.


The maple bridge of the banjo also has an ebony-coated top that provides overall longer durability. But the bridge is sold separately, so as a banjo player you are responsible for properly installing it. To acquire the audio quality you want, you might choose to use the Cleartune software to modify the positioning of this bridge.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

  1. Is Washburn a Good Banjo Brand?

Washburn is an excellent brand name. Popular among banjo players due to their excellent tone, appearance, and craftsmanship, as well as their low price, which makes them a great value for the money. It’s especially best for new beginners.

  1. Who Makes Washburn Banjos?

“US Music” are the makers of Washburn Banjos. These Washburn banjos are an American original with traditional craftmanship.

  1. Where Are Washburn Banjos Made?

Washburn banjos were originally made in China. But their headquarters are in Chicago, Illinois, United States, and supplies are made available all over the world.

  1. What Are Old Banjos Worth?

Antique banjos can range in value from hundreds to thousands of dollars. But it depends on the kind of banjo you have. Some vintage banjos are being sold on the market at a very high rate.

  1. When Did Washburn Stop Making Dimebag Guitars?

After Dean Guitars ceased production in 1994, Dimebag began a ten-year collaboration with Washburn Guitars. The most popular model during this time was the Dime 333, which was most notably available in the Dimeslime design.

Final Verdict

The Washburn B11 banjo comes with 5 strings and has the fullness and tone that a good banjo should have. Its wood resonator back provides the loudness and projection needed to be appreciated in any environment. 

From the very first to the final fret, a softly playing mahogany neck with a bonded rosewood fretboard gives the user joy in playing it. It’ll also give you an easy and simple learning experience as a beginner. 

The cost is worthwhile and reasonable. Not to mention, the vibrant and punchy tone you want comes from this fine piece that will take you to a dreamy land. Now you know all the features and advantages of this banjo, and why it is worth buying.

So go ahead and give your banjo enthusiasm the perfect instrument it needs.

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